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Questions to Ask the Interviewer

Job candidates often forget the interview is a two-way process. Both you and the employer need to learn more about each other. Before going into an interview, sit down and think of the questions you may ask. One expert advises asking one fairly early in the conversation, to establish the fact that you also have questions.

Here are examples of the kinds of things which might be asked. In addition, base one or two questions on the research you've done on the employing organization--to reflect your interest through the fact that you did your homework.

1. Could you describe the "ideal candidate" for this position?
This is a great way to learn what the manager is really looking for and, once you learn, you may tailor your presentation to show how well you meet their goals.
2. Is this a new position, or would I be replacing someone?
This is another good way of learn about the job, its duties, and how it fits into the organization. Also any extraneous comments made by the employer about the last to hold the position may provide clues to help you present your qualifications.
3. Can you describe your management style?
This may put the interviewer slightly on the defensive, but should help you evaluate the pluses and minuses in the organization. Once again, when you learn about the working environment, you are better able to tailor your qualifications.
4. Is there a career path for this position?
This is a good way to measure the potential for advancement. Also to learn what happened to others who held that position.
5. It may be a bit early, but could you give me a general salary range for positions of this type?
Always try to get the employer to be the first to mention a specific salary figure. If it doesn't come up, this is a good thing to ask near the end of the interview.
6. May I provide any additional information?
This is polite and shows you want to help and the interviewer may just ask for supplementary details about an area in which he or she may have rated you low.
7. I've enjoyed this conversation. Do you think we will have another meeting soon?
This is a good way to (1) show your interest in the job and (2) to get some feel for how you stand. If the employer indicates that another meeting is likely, you'll know that you are being seriously considered for the job.


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