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Resume Checklist

General Layout

  • Use 12-font size letter for the body of the resume text, 14-font for your name. Do not go smaller than 10-font.
  • Use 1-inch margins at the top and bottom of page.
  • Use a Times Roman or Times New Roman font.
  • Avoid underlining, italics, shading, and fancy graphics.  They can interfere with electronic scanning.
  • Bold each category heading (i.e. Career Objective).
  • When at all possible, give a specific number/quantify (i.e. Delivered 11 business presentations, supervised and scheduled a staff of 8 clerks.)
  • Use bullets to list information such as:
    • Over 1000 customer contacts
  • Add computer and language skills, campus and community involvement, awards and honors, presentations, projects, professional associations, relevant coursework, and academic accomplishments as possible categories.
  • List academic degrees and employment experience in reverse chronological order with the most recent first.
  • Avoid abbreviations if possible.
  • Do not use “References available upon request.” This is an obvious statement, so no need to include.
  • Use a good quality, off white resume paper.

Career Objective

  • Use a career objective to demonstrate focus on your part.  Be specific and avoid cliché statements that lack substance.


  • Reveal your GPA if it is above or equal to a 3.0. You may also figure your major GPA and list.
  • Relevant coursework should showcase advanced coursework, elective coursework, or coursework unique to your program.  Do not waste space listing courses everyone in your field has completed.  List courses that will give you a competitive edge.
  • Do not list high school degree.


  • Bold the job position or the company name.  Choose the one that is more impressive and relevant to the Career Objective.
  • List volunteer work as professional experience, if the work is relevant to your career objective.
  • Use action words to describe job responsibilities. (i.e. coordinated, performed).
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