Redefining the Classroom


Mission Statement

By embracing innovation, we will inspire our students to become global thinkers and leaders through they way they positively impact others at home and school.

Vision Statement

Our students gradudate with a toolkit of 21st Century Skills that they have already put to use while "learning and leading" during their 14+ years at Innocademy. Their eyes and hearts are wide open to global needs and injustices. Our high caliber teachers are empowered and work collaboratively to achieve our school mission. Our school celebrates results in both "top 5%" academic performance AND the innovations in education we expect from our radically faster pace of change and experimentation with best practices. Our culture, structure, and set of practices lead to additional Innocademy schools in needy communities locally and globally.

Innocademy Location

8485 Homestead Drive
Zeeland, MI 49464

(616) 748-5637

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Innocademy Contact Information

Kelli Gunn

Management Company:
IES - Innovative Education Services
Mike Lanser

Board of Directors:
President: Joel Smith,
Vice President: Jeffrey Lukas,
Secretary: Lindsay VanderZwaag,
Treasurer: Nick DeVries,

LSSU Oversight Officer:
Chris Oshelski
Executive Director Charter Schools

Charter Contract (pdf)

Making an Impact

Written by The Innocademy Journalism Team 5th-8th Grade Students

Our school, Innocademy, values leadership and stewardship. We strive for students to become leaders of our community and our world. We believe that even little things can impact others in a huge way. Many of the activities we do are based on stewardship. Stewardship is thinking outside of ourselves in order to leave a positive impact. That impact is made on others and ourselves because we learn so much about need in our local and global communities.

A few activities that left an impact on us and on others this year were based on Hunger in our community. Kids Food Basket is an organization that helps kids whose families can't afford food by packing Sack Suppers. These Sack Suppers are passed out at school, along with a breakfast bundle. The Sack Supper includes, fresh fruit or veggies, meat/cheese sandwich or tortilla roll-up, 100% fruit juice, and 2 healthy snacks. In the Breakfast bundle, there is cereal, raisins, or fruit snacks, juice, and pop tarts. Innocademy got a chance to help by decorating paper bags with happy messages and also got to pack over 500 breakfast bundles for kids who need food right in our community.

This year Innocademy helped out with a food drive for a local organization for the Holland Rescue Mission. The Holland Rescue Mission gives a place for homeless people to stay while they find a job. We had a competition to see how much food we could collect. We were able to collect hundred of pounds of food in order to impact our local community.

Some Inno students went to Koops Inc, where Feed My Starving Children had set up for the week, FMSC goes to different states and cities and bring their supplies for volunteers, to pack meals for kids who live in countries outside of the U.S. that don't have enough food to feed everyone. In the bags are chicken, veggies, soy, and rice. We were able to pack hundreds of bags of food to be sent out to feed kids just like us who need nutritious food.

Other impact activities at Innocademy this year were based on funds. This year we had a 5k fundraiser for the Inno kiddos who are going on, what we like to call "field experiences." Innocademy field experiences are big trips that kids go on at 3rd grade and above. On these trips there is not only personal enjoyment but we also do a little stewardship, for example, when 7th and 8th grade went to Mexico they hosted a music camp for young kids! This race impacts others by impacting our own kids.

When we raise money we raise it to impact people at home or abroad. For example, if we raise money for an organization, like Water Wins; Water Wins builds wells for people in Nigeria, who don't have access to clean water. Overall, every penny we make goes to impact others. We were able to raise over 5,000.00 by having a penny war this year.

When we send money and food to others locally or globally, we impact others by filling a need. By helping others we leave a mark on the world and that is our goal at Innocademy. We act because there are still many needs in the world and we are trying to help fill them so we can all live happily and learn from each other.