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Alum Success

Anthony Pavicic

"The small student to faculty ratio was a real benefit in my preparation towards my teaching career. It enabled me to get to know my professors well and come to them for help with anything I needed."

Anthony Pavicic
Bishop Foley High School
Madison Heights, MI.

Charter Schools


Mission Statement:

By embracing innovation, we will inspire our students to become global thinkers and leaders through they way they positively impact others at home and school.

Vision Statement:

Our students gradudate with a toolkit of 21st Century Skills that they have already put to use while “learning and leading” during their 14+ years at Innocademy. Their eyes and hearts are wide open to global needs and injustices. Our high caliber teachers are empowered and work collaboratively to achieve our school mission. Our school celebrates results in both “top 5%” academic performance AND the innovations in education we expect from our radically faster pace of change and experimentation with best practices. Our culture, structure, and set of practices lead to additional Innocademy schools in needy communities locally and globally.

Innocademy Location

8485 Homestead Drive
Zeeland, MI 49464
(616) 748-5637
Web Address:

Innocademy Contact Information

Brook Drooger
Management Company:
IES - Innovative Education Services
Mike Lanser
Board of Directors:
President: Joel Smith,
Vice President: Jeffrey Lukas,
Secretary: Drew DeMeester,
Treasurer: Nick DeVries,
Trustee: Shawn Pacanowski,
LSSU Oversight Officer:
Nick J. Oshelski
Executive Director Charter Schools

Charter Contract (pdf)

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Russell White

Russell White

"Professor Kelso had no qualms in throwing me into stuff that’s usually done for senior research," White says. "It was an opportunity that was instrumental to my success as a student and a pivotal moment in my life." [ more ]

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