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Don Sawruk

Don Sawruk '70

"My two business degrees from LSSU were instrumental in preparing me to work at all levels of Edison Sault Electric (ESE), concluding with the privilege of becoming ESE President in 1998. My company also takes pride in that 14 out of a total of 17 management personnel and about 20% of hourly employees at ESE either have degrees from or have attended a substantial number of classes at LSSU. Finally, our company and employees have contributed in excess of $500,000 to various LSSU projects over the last 25 years. ESE Believes in Blue."

Edison Sault Electric Company
President and CEO
Sault Ste. Marie, MI

LSSU Business and Economics Outstanding Alumnus Award '03

Charter Schools

Regent Park Scholars Academy

Mission Statement:

The mission of Regent Park Scholars is to offer the families of Northeast Detroit a K-8 public school with a challenging academic program and a strong culture that values integrity, academic excellence, and accountability, where each and every student is given the opportunity for success in high school, college and beyond.

Regent Park Scholars Academy Location

Address Regent Park Scholars Academy
15865 E. Seven Mile Rd.
Detroit, Michigan 48025
Phone (313) 371-1300
Fax (313) 221-9942

Regent Park Scholars Academy Contact Information

Paula Dowker,
Mangement Company:
National Heritage Academies

Board of Directors:
President: Dr. Judy Alhamisi,
Vice President: Jennifer Hayes,
Trustee: Susan Owens,
Treasurer: Barbara Bates,
Secretary: Jasmine Bridges,
Trustee: Keri Wallace,

LSSU Oversight Officer:
Nick J. Oshelski
Executive Director Charter Schools

Contract (pdf)

Psychology Driven...



"LSSU is a relatively small school and I believe for this reason I have received a better education. The close atmosphere as opposed to a larger university has provided me with an opportunity to become acquainted with my professors. The professors therefore have an opportunity to assist with problems fairly easily, especially in upper level classes. The classes are fairly small also which provides one on one conversations which is very helpful."

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