Redefining the Classroom

W-A-Y Academy Detroit

Mission Statement

Mission: WAY Academy (Detroit) respects the individual needs of each young person we serve by offering a personalized, blended, global learning experience that inspires self esteem, academic excellence, and lifelong learning.
            Vision: WAY Academy (Detroit) students are prepared for purposeful and highly  effective engagement in a global society.
            Belief Statement: When our students PERCEIVE success and BELIEVE  success, they will ACHIEVE success


WAY Academy Locations

8701 W. Vernor
Detroit, MI 48209

19321 West Chicago
Detroit, MI 48228

(313) 444-8082


WAY Academy Contact Information

West Chicago Director
DaLon Whigham,

West Vernor Campus Director

Hannah Jaber,

Management Company:
WAY - Widening Advancement for Youth
Executive Director: Beth Baker,
Executive Director: Glen Taylor,

Board of Directors:
Elizabeth W. Bauer, President,
Pamela Wong, Vice-President,
Dr. Glenn Croxton, Secretary,
Michael Murray, Treasurer,
Patrick Irwin, Director,
Dr. Barbara Leroy, Director,
Jacquelyn Naylor, Director,

LSSU Oversight Officer:
Chris Oshelski
Executive Director Charter Schools

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