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Tyler graduated from Saline High School in Saline, Michigan. He has been an active leader at Anchorhouse Christian Fellowship. He completed his senior research on the use of microreactors to produce pharmaceutical precursors. He was the recipient of a GRO Fellowship for Undergraduates sponsored by the EPA. Tyler completed a summer working in Cinncinati for the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, and spent a summer in San Francisco with the American Chemical Society's Nuclear Summer School. Tyler will be pursuing his PhD at Washington State University in the Fall.

Tyler O'Dell
2010 Outstanding Graduate

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Determining Phthalate Concentra- tions in Children’s Toys by Gas Chromato- graphy Mass Spectro- metry

Kaitlin Hykel

The majority of plastic toys produced in today’s society come from foreign countries, with China being one of the leading manufacturers. Plastic is composed of various synthetic organic compounds such as phthalates, but they can impose serious health effects especially to young children. As a result, regulations have been put in place to monitor the use of these harmful compounds. This study focuses on the extraction of phthalates from children’s toys to determine whether the concentrations are within the range of regulated phthalate use.

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