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Course Catalog 2004-2006
(Changes from printed catalog include the Fall 2005 revised Environmental Health audit linked here)


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The LSSU Environmental Health degree program has become a major focus for the School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences.  This very successful program is a natural extension of our environmental science curriculum, and the growth and expansion of the varied curricula in chemistry.  Supported by strong academic and field work in chemistry, biology, Earth sciences, and a foundation in mathematics graduates are already active members of the environmental health profession.  Faculty, graduates and current students are already actively involved in research, environmental monitoring and consulting activities related to the environmental health field, and our graduates are employed by public health agencies, state and federal organizations, and private industry throughout the the state and nation. 

B.S. Environmental Health at Lake Superior State University

National Environmental Health Science and 

Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC)

Self-Study Report 2006-2007

December, 2006

Dear Council Members:

Welcome to the online self-study report for the future accreditation of the B.S. Environmental Health degree in the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at Lake Superior State University , Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan .

The links below will take you to: 1) the complete self-study report; 2) the course syllabi arranged by ascending course number; and 3) the Lake Superior State University Course Catalog.  Please note that we have revised the curriculum for the B.S. Environmental Health, Chemistry Minor degree since the printing of the 2004-2006 University Catalog.  New students shall complete the Degree Audit Sheet that became effective Fall 2005.  A link to this approved program is provided below.

The Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at Lake Superior State University is deeply appreciative of the guidance provided by the National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council (EHAC). We look forward to the Councilís site visit in March 2007 and our programís future accreditation.

David Szlag, Ph.D., PE
Environmental Health Program Coordinator

Accreditation Links:

Program Self-Study Report

Collected Course Syllabi

LSSU Course Catalog (2004-2006)

Degree Audit for Environmental Health (effective Fall 2005)


Questions: contact Dr. David Szlag, Environmental Health Coordinator.
Lake Superior State University
School of Education
650 W. Easterday Avenue, Sault Ste Marie, MI
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