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Andrea Cripps

"I worked with many great athletes and coaches, allowing me the opportunity to gain experience and confidence that without, I wouldn’t be where I am today. LSSU not only gave me my undergraduate education but I gained lifelong friends and connections that will go with me in whatever endeavor that I attempt. Athletic Training at LSSU changed my life and changed my goal in life for the better. "

Andrea Cripps
Graduate Assistant
Central Michigan University

Tuition Costs, Room and Board, & Fees

All Student Fees for 2011-2012

NOTE: Listed below are ALL the possible fees. The total amount of fees paid by students is dependent on program of study, courses taken, level of study, and location of study (high-school, dual enrolment, Regional Center etc.).

Activity Course Fee*: The activity course fee of $20 per credit is applied to one-credit courses in music and recreation. These courses are elective. The fees partially offset costs of instruction. This Activity Course Fee is assessed on all students enrolling in one-credit music (one-credit activity and performance courses with an MUSC prefix, except MUSC210) or one-credit recreation (one-credit activity courses with an RECA prefix) classes.

Administrative Fee: Administrative fees will be charged for the following academic enterprises.

  • ALEKS Software - Flat Fee - $63.00
  • Departmental Exams - Per Credit - $50.00

Athletic Fee: The $125 athletic fee is a one-time fee charged to all new, undergraduate, degree-seeking students (excluding teacher education interns, students with internships/practicums off campus, dual enrolled students and Regional Center and other distance education students). The fee is assessed once and permits access to all regular session athletic events based on space available for up to six years as long as the student is enrolled.

Distance Education Fees: These fees are charged for courses delivered to regional center students and other distance education students other than in a face-to-face format with instructors.

  • The Interactive Television Fee is $100 per course and helps offset the costs of ITV transmission and student technical assistance.
  • The Internet Fee is $100 per course and is charged to offset the costs of this mode of instruction.
  • The CD/Blackboard Fee (formerly the Tape-Delay Fee ) is $100 per course and covers the cost of postage, CDs and equipment recovery.

Note: Regional Center Fees and Distance Education Fees are not charged for the same course. The Distance Education Fees are assessed on all students registering for an interactive television course, an internet course or a CD/Blackboard course.

Enrollment Fee: The enrollment fee ($125) is a one-time fee established to partially cover the costs associated with the orientation of new students. The Enrollment Fee is assessed on all new and transfer undergraduate students when they are admitted to a degree program.

Liability Insurance Fee: The liability insurance fee ($25) is a one-time per semester charge for students enrolled in select Biology, Exercise Science, Nursing, and Paramedic courses that involve direct student/patient contact.

Parking Registration Fee: The parking registration fee is $85 for the year (expires 05/31/11) or $45 per semester for Academic Year 2010-11. Fee payment entitles a student to register one student vehicle to be parked in a campus parking lot. When registering a vehicle, the student will be assigned to a specific lot or lots in which they may park their vehicle. The parking registration fee partially covers the cost of maintenance and operation of University parking lots and parking control.

Note: A student may register more than one vehicle during any semester or year. Each vehicle registered will be assessed the full registration fee. You must register your vehicle in order to receive a parking permit. You may register your vehicle by logging in to and choosing Anchor Access from the LSSU Web Services channel. Click on the Student tab, and then LSSU Vehicle Registration and Ticket Information. If you need assistance, please contact the Public Safety Department at (906) 635-2210.

Program Fees*:

  • Education Program –
    Teacher Education Administrative Fees
    • Application for Initial Provisional Certificate – no charge
    • Application for Renewal of Provisional Certificate - $20.00
    • Application for Additional Certification Endorsement - $20.00
    • Application for MI Professional Certificate - $20.00
  • Engineering Program –The program fee for engineering is $60 per credit hour. These fees support higher program costs related to laboratory courses and equipment.The Program Fee is assessed on any student enrolled in a course with an engineering prefix (EGET, EGNR, EGME, EGEE, EGEM, EGMT, or EGRS).
  • Nursing Program – The program fee for nursing, including the LPN program, is $25 per credit hour. These fees support higher program costs related to clinical and laboratory courses and equipment.The Program Fee is assessed on any student enrolled in a course with a nursing prefix (HLTH, PNUR and NURS).
  • Paramedic Technology Program – The program fee for the paramedic technology program is $20 per credit hour. These fees support higher program costs related to clinical and laboratory courses and equipment.The Program Fee is assessed on any student enrolled in a course with a paramedic technology course prefix (EMED).
  • Chemistry Program – The program fee for chemistry programs is $10 per credit hour. These fees support higher program costs related to laboratory courses and equipment.The Program Fee is assessed on any student enrolled in a course with a chemistry course prefix (CHEM) and select science courses (NSCI 103, NSCI 104, NSCI 110).

Regional Center Fee*: The regional center fee of $25 per credit is charged for courses delivered by instructors at the regional centers. The fee partially offsets travel, workload adjustment, facility rental and Regional Center costs. The RegionalCenter Fee is assessed on all students registering for course at an LSSU Regional Center (Escanaba, Gaylord, and Petoskey).

Special Course Fee*: Special course fees are charged to cover costs of supplies, equipment, maintenance, and student transportation over and above the normal costs for all courses. These fees become part of the department supply and equipment budget. Special Course Fees are assessed on students taking the course for which the fee is charged. These fees vary by course.

Student Activity and Media Fee*: The SAM fee is $50 per semester. This fee was requested by the student government and approved by the Board of Trustees June 30, 2003, to support student government, student activities, the student radio station WLSO, and the student newspaper The Compass. The Student Activity and Media Fee is a flat fee assessed on all enrolled students except those registered for internship classes, for classes at a Regional Center, or dually enrolled at LSSU and a high school.

Late Registration Fee: Late registration period is defined as the period after the first payment due date for each semester until the close of the six day add/drop period.  For the fall semester, the first due date is August 15. For the spring semester, the first due date is December 15. Late registration for summer semester will typically be the first week in May until the second day of the summer session for which you are enrolling.

Note: If you are a new incoming student starting in the Summer and are completing your registration after the deadline, please see the Business Office for more information.

If you register in person or by the internet during the late registration period, you will be assessed a $100 late registration fee.  Payment of any balance due is payable immediately upon registration.  Or you may sign up for an installment plan through the Bill and Payment Suite.  Any unpaid balance prior to the first day of classes may result in the cancellation of all classes.

If you register for classes after the six day add/drop period, the late registration fee will be $200.  To register after the six day add/drop period has closed, you must come to the Business Office and be cleared to register.   Payment for all tuition and fees is due at the time of your late registration.

*Refunds for the asterisked fees will be in accordance with the Lake Superior State University withdrawal/refund policy and procedures (LSSU Catalog, pp 32-33).


1st Place with ROV

Marine Advanced Technology Center

First Place
Lake Superior State University

One of only two teams to complete the event. Others in the group of 11 participants included: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Arizona, Monterey Peninsula College, Cape Fear Community College of Wilmington-North Carolina

2003 Marine Advanced Technology Center (MATE), Remotely Operated Vehicle Competition

Open All-Around Champion

June 14, 2003
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

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