Redefining the Classroom

Lake Superior State University alumni.

Officer Westrick (Class of 2006)

Grand Rapids police officer officer Aaron Westrick, class of 2006, is credited with saving the life of a gunshot victim in a September 2016 incident. Coverage of the sentencing credits both Westrick and Lee for their work in administering CPR and first aid in the incident. MLive report, and PDF. Officer Westrick is shown in picture below.


LSSU Graduates in Grand Rapids Area

Our graduates are now working all accross the state, including those shown below at East Grand Rapids Public Safety, Wyoming PD, Kentwood PD, Kalamazoo Public Safety, and the US Marshall's Service. We would enjoy sharing the success of other alumni - send us your pictures!


Video of the Criminal Justice Information Meeting held December 12, 2016 (MP4)

It is the mission of the criminal justice/fire science program faculty and staff to provide an atmosphere where active learning may occur, to provide students with the highest quality educational experience, to continue to support the “professional model” as currently utilized, to become appropriate role models for students, to support the educational program by acquiring the appropriate equipment and supplies, to fulfill the advising role, and to assess the academic outcomes of the program.

For information on the Criminal Justice program please call the School of Criminal Justice (906) 635-2384, or write to We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sgt. Marty R. Singleton ('07)
Provincial Liaison Team-North West Region

"I owe a lot of my success in my career to the time I spent in Sault Ste. Marie and LSSU."

-Blue Line Magazine, April 2014
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Program Objectives

  • Provide students with a broad-based, liberal education.
  • Provide students with the skills necessary to perform as twenty-first century criminal justice practitioners.
  • Assist students with their development of a set of professional ethics.
  • Assist students in the development of their critical thinking skills.
  • Assist students with the development of their writing skills.
  • Provide an educational atmosphere where active learning may occur.
  • Encourage life long learning.
  • Assess the educational outcomes of the program.

The criminal justice and fire science programs allow you a unique opportunity to receive state certification in a number of areas. You may obtain Firefighter I and II Michigan certifiability, Wildland Firefighting certification (USFS S130, S190, and I220), and certifiability through the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES).

The following certificates may also be awarded: the Michigan Corrections Officer Certificate, Incident Command System, Hazardous Material Awareness Level, Hazardous Material Operations Level, and the 40 hour Emergency Response Technician - HAZWOPER (29CFR 1910.120).


Dr. Frank Tridico Has Book Published on Hate Crimes

Dr. Frank Tridico's book Hate Crimes was released March 01, 2015.

The book explores the history of racism, xenophobia, hate crimes, and extremism from a criminal justice perspective. It examines it from law enforcement, sociological, theoretical, political and legal contexts. It then examines the formation and sustenance of organized far right groups and militias, and how the State addresses them. Global terrorism is also examined within the context of bias motivation, and as an emergent transnational threat.

In 1999, Dr. Tridico helped create one of the earliest Hate Crimes courses in the country at Wayne State University. It combined his primary field research with hate crime legislation and legal cases. Dr. Tridico is recognized as one of the leading researchers in hate crimes and far right organizations, having conducted research since 1993.

Hate Crimes is Frank Tridico's seventh book. His upcoming works include Law and Social Order, 2nd Edition (2016), The Science of Social Research (2016), Global Terrorism (2017) and Criminal Law (2018).

New Weekly Radio Program Focuses on Law and Criminal Justice Issues

Criminal Justice Major Greg Reinert at the helm with Dr. Aaron Westrick

LSSU's flagship radio station FM90.1 has attained its first ever weekly hour long talk program which focuses on law and criminal justice issues.

Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Aaron Westrick hosts the program with co- host and program engineer Greg Reinert. Dr. Frank Tridico, is also a regular co-host every two weeks.

The program, called COPDOCS is heard locally and crosses over into Canada within a limited radius, and is quickly becoming known as a chic, intellectually stimulating exchange of ideas adding some color to LSSU.

The program ended its first season on Dec 08, 2014 and will debut its next season in early January. The program runs Monday evenings from 8-9 pm. Topics so far have included issues related to sexual assault awareness, crime scene investigation, the Michael Brown and Eric Garner deaths that sparked public protests in the US, the Second Amendment and national security. Regular guests have included Dr. Michael Everett and Dr. Jude Rariden. The new season will have guests from LSSU and the community.

Bravery in the Line of Duty

Photo by Scott Brand, Sault Evening News

Sault Ste. Marie Police Sgt. Supervisor Herb Henderson and Officer Phil Donnay recently received commendations from the police department for bravery in the line of duty after the two were involved in a dangerous situation in the city earlier this year. The two convinced a person who was threatening to attempt suicide to drop the handgun with which he was armed.

The two were among five LSSU alumni members of the police department who received commendations on Dec. 1, 2014 at a Sault Ste. Marie City Commission meeting.

The two are pictured here, Henderson on left and Donnay on right, with Sault Ste. Marie Police Chief John Riley, who presented the commendations at the Dec. 1 Sault Ste. Marie City Commission meeting.

Henderson, a 1994 graduate of LSSU, relied on his training and years of experience to respond to the situation. Besides being a full-time police officer, he is Associate Professor in the School of Criminal Justice, Fire Science & EMS who received the LSSU Distinguished Teaching Award this year. One of his former courses, Crisis Intervention, provided a foundation for his work in situations such as the one that earned this commendation. Henderson has taught Crisis Intervention, and teaches several other LSSU courses.

Henderson was one of Officer Donnay''s instructors when Donnay was in LSSU's Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards police academy, shortly before he became a police officer. Donnay, a 1997 LSSU graduate, joined the Sault Ste. Marie Police Dept. within the past year after serving many years with the Bay Mills Tribal Police.