Lake Superior State University
Lake Superior State University

Athletic Training Admissions

Admissions Standards

Admission to the LSSU ATEP is very competitive, therefore only the most prepared students will be accepted.  In order to be considered for admission, the criteria listed below will be evaluated:

  • Enrolled as a full-time student at Lake Superior State University
  • Sophomore standing- Transfer studetns must have completed the first two terms of their Sophomore year at LSSU.
  • 2.5 overall GPA and a 3.0 in their core classes
  • A formal application packet is to be submitted to the Program director during the spring of their sophomore year to include
    • A letter of application
    • Student Resume
    • Completed LSSU ATEP Application for Admission
    • Copy of current First Aid & CPR card from the American Red Cross or American Heart Association
    • Proof of Hepatitis B vaccination or waiver of declination
    • Proof of vaccinations to include: MMR, Tetanus, and Chicken Pox vaccination
    • Proof of a negative TB test annually
    • Proof of attendance of Blood Borne Pathogen Seminar
    • Proof of liability insurance (which can be obtained through the university)
    • Proof of personal medical healthcare insurance
    • Signed statement of confidentiality
    • Signed acknowledgement of Technical Standards
    • Completed physical
    • 150 observation hours within the LSSU Athletic Training setting
    • Completion of two comprehensive essays.  1) Why have you chosen Athletic Training and 2) Will be a timely topic as it relates to athletic training and will change from year to year.

Upon submitting the application packet, the student will then complete a formal interview process with the Athletic Training Admissions Committee

Criteria For Acceptance

The Athletic Training Admissions Committee will review all applications and will select candidates who have proven to be the most qualified for admittance to the Athletic Training Education Program at Lake Superior State University . The pre-program requirements identified above are recognized as the minimal standards required for admittance to the ATEP. The student to Clinical Instructor ratio needs to be considered when admitting students to the ATEP as well. We will strive to have a ratio of 8 students to every one Clinical Instructor.

After the interview, each candidate will receive notification from the program director regarding admission status. Students that are officially accepted will be required to schedule an appointment with their academic advisor and register for the required courses. Matriculation for students accepted will begin the fall semester of the following academic year and will continue for a minimum of four semesters. Candidates not accepted to the LSSU ATEP can appeal the decision by submission of a formal response to the program director within thirty days of notification of non-acceptance.