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  • F023 .PDF format Michigan: Police Records Check
  • F024 .PDF format Ontario: Police Records Check
  • Criminal Background Disclosure Form (updated March 2012)
  • Technology Skills Survey
  • Application for Initial Provisional Teaching Certificate 2.2013.PDF format(updated February 2013)
  • Initial Provisional Certificate Checklist.PDF format (updated March 2012)
  • F205-C .PDF format Application for Provisional Renewal
  • F210-D.PDF format Application for Additional Endorsement
  • F215-C .PDF format Application for Professional Certificate
  • Ontario College of Teachers Release Form (revised October 2012)  .PDF format
  • F225-C .PDF format MDE-OCT Letter of Professional Standing (required for Ontario candidates)
  • Experience Report for Michigan Professional Certificate (updated July 2012)
  • Summary of Teaching/Child-Related Experiences(updated August 2012)
  • SB-CEU application (updated August 2012)
  • Candidates in the MA:C&I must complete all coursework by August 2014
  • G040 .PDF format Admission Checklist 
  • G050 .PDF format Graduate Program Checklist  
  • G100 .PDF format Application to Graduate Program 
  • G110 .PDF format Professional References 
  • G120 .PDF format Graduate Plan of Study 
  • G130 .PDF format Graduate Committee Appointments
  • G200 .PDF format Research Project Evaluation 
  • G250 .PDF format Graduate Audit 
  • G300 .PDF format Graduate Exit Survey 
  • Graduate Admission Procedures .PDF format 
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