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Current Student Information

Students are encouraged to see academic advisors in both their content major and/or minors, as well as in the School of Education. The overall flow of the program is shown in the chart below. For a pdf of the chart, click here:

Moving Through the Teacher Education Program


General Information

Prerequisites are an important part of ensuring that the curriculum has continuity and builds effectively on prior learning and experiences.  To enroll in EDU 301 requires that you be admitted to the School of Education.  Students who do not have the necessary prerequisites to any course, including not maintaining required GPAs or not meeting minimum grade requirements, may be de-registered in accordance with university policy. 


In response to changes in enrollment, the school of education has modified our course offering pattern.  Effective for the Fall 2008 please use the following guide.  

Both Elementary and Secondary teachers take  EDUC301 after EDUC150&250.  You must first be admitted to the School of Education prior to EDUC301.

EDUC301 is offered in the Fall, and is prerequisite to all EDUC 400-level courses

Elementary candidates take EDUC330.  

EDUC330 is prerequisite to EDUC410.  EDUC330 is a Fall class and EDUC410 is a Spring class

Elementary candidates take EDUC410

EDUC410 is offered only in the Spring

Elementary teachers take

EDUC411 is offered only in the Fall, 

Elementary teachers will take EDUC423 (Arts) and EDUC424 (Health/Phys Ed) effective Fall 2012

First offered in the Fall 2012 - these courses were delayed by one year while the university aligns our elementary curriculum to the new elementary standards.

Elementary teachers take
EDUC420, EDUC421, and EDUC422

Offered only in the Spring

Secondary teachers take
EDUC430 and EDUC440

Offered only in the Fall

Secondary teachers take EDUC431

Offered only in the Spring

Secondary teachers take
EDUC44x or 45x by major

Offered only in the Spring

Reference Documents

Some things are not really FORMS that need to be completed, submitted or signed-off.  On this page we have collected the references documents, guide sheets, and other supporting materials that we believe will be useful and related to the activities of the School of Education.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for how to improve or expand this site.  

Documents linked directly from the MDE Website 



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Photo right by John Shibley: Fall 2005 Student Teaching Interns gather for group photo before heading to their schools.