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Frequently Answered Questions

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  • What is this page for?
    We frequently get the same questions from several people, and this will allow us to provide answers to common questions in a format that can be referenced by all our students.

  • Where do I get a degree audit?
    Degree audits are now available online - see the link to the left

  • Who is my advisor?
    All students need academic advising, sometimes from more than one office or faculty member.  Check on Anchor Access to see who your assigned advisor is, contact the school office if you want to change advisors.  Elementary teacher candidates should have an education faculty member as their Lead advisor (lead meaning preeminent not heavy, dull and leaden).  Elementary candidates should consult with advisors from their academic minors when questions arise regarding course offerings, etc.  Secondary candidates should have a faculty advisor from their major department who is familiar with the teacher certification program as their lead advisor, and any member of the education faculty can assist with education-related questions.

  • When are the deadlines for application?
    Different deadlines are in place for the various stages of the program.  Check the FORMS PAGE (link on the left) and review the deadlines for application to the school of education, application for student teaching, and so on.  There are also deadlines for filing your LSSU documents (audits, declaration of candidacy etc)  

  • Why are there so many forms?
    Teacher preparation is a highly regulated and structured enterprise.  In order to assist students in finding and completing the necessary paperwork we have adopted a form-numbering pattern.  Some documents are not numbered (yet) and you will find them described and linked from the main page.

  • Can I take the MTTC subject area test for Integrated Science if my minor is in Biology?
    You may choose to take the test, but you can't be recommended for the endorsement just based on a passing score for a MTTC specialty area test.

    Quoting from State Board of Education Teacher Certification Code R390.1126 Rule 26.(3) "A state elementary provisional certificate which is issued after September 1, 1988, is valid for teaching all subjects in grades kindergarten to and including 5, for teaching subject areas in grades 6 to and including 8 in which the applicant has completed a major or minor, and for teaching all subjects in grades kindergarten to and including 8 when those subjects are taught in a self-contained classroom in which a majority of the instruction is provided by 1 teacher."

    You can only be recommended by a teacher preparation institution to the MDE for certification based on your elementary program (for k-8 self contained and 6-8 single subject classroom in the area(s) your major(s)/minor(s).  If your minor was biology, or meets the requirements for our approved biology minor, and you passed the biology specialty exam with MTTC, then we can also recommend you on that basis.  The MTTC exam alone does not qualify for an endorsement.

  • Can I teach 8th grade math with an elementary certificate?
    You may be certified to teach grades 5-8 in the areas of major(s) and minor(s) upon the recommendation of the university.   One of the criteria for that recommendation is a passing score on the MTTC subject test.  R390.1126

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