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Professional Development for Certificate/Licensure Renewal  - THIS CONTINUES NORMALLY

The School of Education offers graduate-level courses for professional development and certificate renewal. Admission to the graduate degree program is not required for enrollment in courses used for certificate renewal or ongoing training. The School offers non-matriculated graduate credits (900-level) for professional development and certificate renewal which may not directly apply to a graduate degree program. Contact the school office for additional information.


Shelly Wooley, MA:C&I was the graduate student respondant at the 2008 Commencement Exercises. Shelly has continued her education through the King-Chavez-Parks Future-Faculty-Fellowship program and currently serves as the campus KCP Coordinator and director of the GEAR-UP program

Master of Arts: Curriculum and Instruction 

The MA:C&I Program is not accepting applications for new candidates, and all current candidates must complete their programs by August 2014.

The MA:C&I graduate program has been a successful and important program of professional advancement for our many graduates, some of whom are shown below. Changes in state licensure requirements, a changing demographic for teachers in our region, declining student populations in our rural schools, and other factors have combined to form a situation where this degree will not continue in its present configuration. Fundamentally, the program does not have the minimum enrollment needed to be viable at this time.

Current MA:C&I candidates MUST complete their coursework by August 2014. Graduate courses required for the program will only be taught ONE more time, with a planned rotation of courses beginning in the Spring 2013. Current candidates must contact your advisor or the School of Education to confirm that you are enrolled in the proper courses to complete your degree as planned.


We thank our many graduates for their support, encouragement and professionalism - some of whom are shown below:

2006 2007 2008


Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction degree program provides an essential opportunity for practicing teachers in Northern and Upper Michigan as well as in Northern Ontario, to enrich their understanding of, and improve their skills in, pedagogy, curriculum design, and assessment within the context of their discipline specific content knowledge.  The degree provides a framework for securing a rigorous plan of study focused on the professional development needs of practicing teachers.  The degree program allows both elementary and secondary masters degree candidates the opportunity to develop a graduate plan of study that strengthens their teaching practices and address student learning in their classrooms.

Graduate Degree Program


THERE IS NO ADMISSION DEADLINE for the graduate program, you may apply at any time and begin enrollment in graduate classes at the start of next semester. Graduate courses are open to any qualified student within the limits of the admission policy. Candidates may complete not more than 50% of the graduate program requirements prior to admission. LSSU courses completed during the student teaching internship can be used in our graduate program (up to six in the core requirements), again within the limits of the admission policy. See the page on admission policies for additional information.

The graduate program requirements are described in detail in documents listed/linked on the left. Working with a graduate advisor, candidates may incorporate the graduate credits earned through the LSSU student teaching internship, and a limited number of university credits accepted in transfer (read more...)


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