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School of Education

Master of Arts: Curriculum and Instruction

Education Vision Statement

The Lake Superior State University School of Education exists to help educators reach their full potential. As a community of learners we are bound by the shared values* that exemplify excellence in the training and professional development of educators.

*Examples include the Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers (PSMT), the National Board Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Education Mission Statement

The Education Department mission is to serve LEARNERS through the ongoing development of professional educators and teacher candidates in a commitment to effective teaching.

Program Goals and Objectives

 To educate teacher candidates in the practices of research, reflection, and response

  • To provide opportunities for the development of the skills and knowledge bases that facilitate research, reflection, and response in the contexts of learning, education, and schooling

 To emphasize the foundational importance of content knowledge bases in the preparation of teachers

  • To educate teacher candidates in the liberal arts ad sciences with concentrations in subject-specific disciplines

 To be vested in the construction of sound pedagogical knowledge bases by teacher candidates

  • To afford students the opportunities to construct the theoretical knowledge and the skills of practice that are grounded in best practice through traditional classrooms and other field experiences

 To be committed to the development and assessment of professional dispositions in teacher candidates

  • To discuss, define, disseminate, and model the professional dispositions of professional educators

 To foster the development and appreciation of learning communities at the university level and within the school and community settings

  • To demonstrate a commitment to learning communities in environments conducive to learning, and to appreciate the multidimensional contexts of the learning communities

To be bound by a strong commitment to learners and learner-centered processes

  • To embrace the principle and belief that all students can learn
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