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LSSU Teacher Preparation Program Performance Reports

New Students Focus on High Need Fields

  • The LSSU Vision for teacher education brings a critical refocusing of institutional commitment and resources to the preparation of teacher candidates in very specific and restricted fields. March 16, 2012 announcement

State Board of Education Teacher Preparation Institution Performance Scores

Lake Superior State University has been ranked as "Low Performing" based on the 2007-2010 Teacher Preparation Performance Scores. View the complete report here which was submitted by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) to the State Board of Education (SBE) on August 9, 2011. The SBE assigns point values to institutions in each of seven categories, such as 'supervisor survey' completion rates, 'ethnic diversity' of the student population, and student performance on a standardized test (the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification -MTTC). During 2007-2010 the LSSU average pass rate across all academic subjects (e.g. history, English, mathematics) was 79%, but a minimum pass rate of 80% is required to earn any points in that category. Without the MTTC points, our institutional overall score placed us into the lowest category.

LSSU is committed to our students and to preparing the very best teacher candidates possible. As a result we are undertaking several corrective steps to address this issue, including a review of those academic areas with the lowest performance. It is possible that some academic majors or minors will not continue as a result of this review, yet LSSU will continue to be able to recommend teachers for Michigan certification. This year we will also work closely with a Mentor institution to bring structural and process improvements to the university and to the School of Education. During the coming year the university will continue to function normally as we work to give our students the very best preparation possible, and we will provide extensive support and opportunities for review of academic content prior to the next cycle of MTTC testing. We welcome your comments or questions, directed to Dr. Myton, Associate Provost.

Consultant Report May 2011

In an effort to address the concerns identified by the Michigan Department of Education, Dr. Anderson, Ed.D, Associate Professor within the faculty of Northern Michigan University, School of Education, was hired to consult with LSSU regarding the School of Education. Simply click on REPORT to view the document.

October 2011: The School of Education has implemented a controlled phase-out of selected academic programs, while at the same time reaffirming our institutional commitment to teacher preparation as a whole. Affected programs include only the majors and minors leading to teaching credentials in History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, English and Social Studies. This difficult and important decision was based on careful analysis of the academic fields where student performance on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification were significantly below state averages. These programs will begin a process of critical review and curriculum realignment, and we will work with the departments and the MDE with a goal of reinstatement. More on the phase-out plan is in the 2011 Phase-Out Narrative.

Consultant Report February 2012

To further develop recommendations for program improvement based on the MDE concerns, Jim Feil was hired to consult with LSSU regarding emerging best practices and new directions in teacher preparation. Click here to review his REPORT.


Satisfaction Survey

  • Principal Report on New Teacher Preparation


National Council on Teacher Quality

Lake Superior State University has been classified as a "Model Design" in a recent report entitled Student Teaching in the United States published in July 2011 by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ). This report is the culmination of a two-year study which developed a set of 19 specific and measurable standard, LSSU's program was noted as a 'model' design because we "require that cooperating teachers are fully qualified and also actively participate in the selection of cooperating teachers." (NCTQ Executive Summary p.2) Different assessment criteria can offer very different results for the same program, as is noted below.


State Board of Education Performance Report Card



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