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Special Education - Learning Disabilities (SM)

Course Syllabi

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Course Title Syllabus Course Description and Prerequisites

Introduction to Special Education

EDSE 301

EDSE 301 Introduction to Special (3,0) 3

1. Course Prerequisites: PSYC 101

2. Course Description: Introduction to Special Education is a required course for all education majors. Students examine various areas of exceptionality, including learners who have a learning disability, are gifted and talented, mentally challenged, behaviorally disordered, visually impaired, hearing impaired, language disordered, autistic, physically handicapped and other health impaired. Legal definitions, litigation, characteristics, etiology, prevalence and educational adaptations for each exceptionality are investigated. Pre-referral alternatives, referral systems, multi-disciplinary team responsibilities, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process, placement procedures, various service delivery models will be examined.

Communication and Community

EDSE 302

EDSE302 Communication and Community (3,0) 3 is a 3-hour undergraduate class focusing on the teacherís roles and responsibilities as lead communicator for issues related to special education and potential options for services both in the school and throughout the community.

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE301

2. Course Description: Developing effective communication between all participants in the educational community involved in the education of students with special needs. Topics include preparing and implementing IEPís communication with parents, students, paraprofessionals, and teachers as well as parentís roles, relationships and perspectives of the issues surrounding their child with a disability. Additional topics include advocacy groups, parent groups, professional groups and service providers.

Introduction to Learning Disabilities

EDSE 320


1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE 301 and EDSE 302

2. Course Description: This course provides an introduction to the field of learning disabilities for special education teachers, general classroom teachers, and other professionals.

This course will examine characteristics and identification of persons with disabilities.

Emphasis is on definitions, characteristics, and assessment, and legal aspects, federal and state mandates. The relationship of several psychological theories (e.g. developmental, behavioral, and cognitive) of teaching students with learning disabilities, and learning strategies (Deshler) is reviewed.

Issues and Trends Impacting Learning Disabilities & Special Education

EDSE 401

EDSE 401 Issues and Trends Impacting Learning Disabilities & Special Education (3, 0)3

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE 302

2. Course Description: Contemporary issues in the education of students with learning disabilities and other special needs; assessment and identification; service delivery models; advocacy, multicultural influences, instructional and social/emotional considerations; parent/professional relationships; research priorities; early intervention, transition from preschool to employment and the role of technology and the various plans IFSP, IEP, 504 Plan and legal issues relating to placement and privacy.

Assessment & Diagnosis

EDSE 403

EDSE 403(3, 0)3 is a 4-hour undergraduate class focusing on assessment in the context of working with students with special needs.

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE 301 and EDSE 320

2. Course Description: An examination of the educational research and best practices related to assessment for identification, instruction and implementation purposes for special education accommodations, with a focus on learning disabilities. The course will examine such issues as legal responsibility of the school in the area of assessment and diagnosis, cultural diversity impacting assessments, methods of assessments, validity and reliability, scoring and interpretation of the score as well as the appropriateness of technology adaptations and co-occurring disorders.. Writing the report, communicating the findings and working with the ďteamĒ to develop the Individual Education Plan are presented within the framework of defining the team members as well as their roles.

Instruction and Technology for Learning Disabilities- Preschool to Employment

EDSE 404

EDSE 404 Instruction and Technology: Preschool to Adult (4, 0) 4 is a 4-hour undergraduate class focusing on curriculum adaptation and use of technology in home, classroom, and work setting for individuals from preschool through work.

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE320 and EDSE 403

2. Course Description: An examination of the educational research and best practices related to adaptation/modification to instruction and assistive technology with a focus on the student with learning disabilities and or co-occurring disorders to be successful in school, home and work. Legal implications, diversity, family involvement and successful transition from home to school (early intervention/milestones) then school to work are also addressed. In addition modifications to proposed plans and tracking of results as well as initiating updates of the IFSP, IEP or 504 plan with the assistance of the family, professional, and para-professionals and school administrators. Addressing studentís needs with various assistive technology from preschool to employment as part of the studentís plan is developed and explored.

Student Teacher Seminar: Learning Disabilities and Special Education

EDSE 480

EDSE480 Student Teaching Seminar: Special Education (1,0) 1 is a 1-hour undergraduate class which meets the equivalent of one hour once per week during the student teaching internship to provided support, instruction, and supervision to the student teacher.

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE 320 EDSE403 and EDSE404 co requisition EDSE 496, admission to student teaching

2. Course Description: A seminar for teacher candidates during a student teaching internship in a special education classroom.

Internship/Supervised Student Teaching: Learning Disabilities

EDSE 492

EDSE492 Internship/Supervised Student Teaching: Learning Disabilities (8,0) 8 is a 8-hour undergraduate class which requires full-time, full-day placement in a special education classroom under the supervision of a qualified mentor teacher.

1. Course Prerequisites: EDSE320and EDSE403, EDSE 404admission to student teaching. Co-requisite: EDSE480.

2. Course Description: Supervised student teaching internship in a special education classroom, focus on working with students with learning disabilities.

Exceptional Child and Adolescent

PSYC 301

Course Description: This course is a survey of common mental health conditions affecting children and adolescents. The course will cover how these conditions are defined, manifested and treated. In addition, the interaction between physical and psychological development and childhood psychopathology will also be explored. Current controversies in the field will also be explored.

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