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LSSU Engineering Day
Machine Competition Judging Criteria

Three judges will be judging each machine, so the total number of points at the end will be the sum of all the three grand totals. The maximum possible score is 300 points.


Number of Steps (25 points maximum)

  • Did the machine have the minimum number of steps?
    (Senior Division: 20 /Junior Division: 10)
  • Did the machine have more steps than required?
  • Did the machine's steps flow from one to the next, or did they "branch"?
  • How easily could you follow the machine's steps?
  • Were the steps slow enough to see and understand the transitions?
  • Could you see them easily from one point, or did you have to move around?
What is a step?
A step is a linear process, not a parallel process. If a plane moves up a wire and triggers a switch, that would be an example of one complete step. If a plane causes two things to happen, that would be a parallel result and would only count as one complete step.

Creative Use of Materials (10 points maximum)

  • How many objects in the steps do not appear to be bought, but found or pieced together?
  • How many of the objects in the steps are used in an unusual way?

Use of Themes in Machine (5 points maximum)

  • Did the machine incorporate the stated theme within the machine?
  • How well did each of the steps conform to the theme?
Use of Innovative Mechanical vs. Electrical Steps (10 points maximum)
  • How many of the steps required a battery or electric power to run?
  • How many steps used mechanical, hydraulic or kinetic energy as opposed to electrical?

UP AND RUNNING (SUB TOTAL: 50 maximum points)

Successful Completion of Task (10 points maximum)

  • Did the machine complete the task, or was the task completed through human intervention?

Machine Was Reset (15 points maximum)*

  • How efficiently was the machine reset?
  • How well did the team work together to reset the machine?
  • Were there steps that were not reset?

Second Run (10 points maximum)*

  • Did the machine complete the task, or was the task completed through human intervention?

Spirit of the Group (10 points maximum)

  • How well does the machine match the concept of simplicity made complex?
  • Does the machine have that certain flair that makes you go "ahhh"?

Human Intervention (-10 points maximum each, first & second runs)

  • How many human interventions occurred?
  • How important to the machine were the steps that were intervened?

*will not be scored in the finalist round

GRAND TOTAL: 100 points x 3 judges = 300 points possible

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