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Order of the Engineer Class of 2014 | April 23, 2014

The Order of the Engineer Ring Ceremony took place on April 23 at 8 pm in the Crow's Nest. The room was filled with parents and friends of 20 engineering students receiving their rings from LSSU Link #190. Presiding were Dr. David R. Finley and Eric Becks.

Order of the Engineer Class of 2014New members of Link #190: (alphabetical order): Jacob Clark, Logan Cowley, Kevin Danhof, Taylor Heath, Josh Houska, Steven Jacobs, Robert Klein, Karl Larsen, Riley Lytwynec, Josh Nelson, Ben Newland, Brian Parkham, Tyler Pavelich, Stephanie Peck, Dan Rutkowski, Apurv Shanker, Nathan Shoudy, Eric Stephan, Spencer Thomas, and David Vikken.





Ben Kurth receives AMT 2013 Core Value Award | January 9, 2014Ben Kurth, ME 2011

Congratulations go out to Ben Kurth for receiving Applied Manufacturing Technologies' 2013 Core Value Award. The senior engineer of robotics and automation began working at AMT nearly three years ago upon graduation from LSSU in 2011 with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering.

According to Diane Haig, CKO at AMT, "Ben has stepped up on many new jobs and has successfully lead a team of engineers on an international project. He has supported the team by taking new employees under his wing to make sure they are successful on their first job in addition to being an invaluable resource to the customer." Ben's familiarity with preparing and presenting robotics demonstrations during his time at LSSU has served him well at AMT.



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Leach makes shift from industrial academics to academic industry | January 6, 2014Instructor David Leach

David Leach officially accepted the offer to become the School of Engineering & Technology's newest mechanical engineering instructor. Leach will be bringing with him years of industrial experience. After spending the last 12 years in industry followed by six years blending teaching and industry with the Product Development Center (PDC), he decided to teach full-time. Leach will be taking on the CNC and machine process courses this spring in addition to senior projects and advising.

The Pickford native's specialties lie in manufacturing. It was his background in plastics design and injection molding that helped the PDC's collaborative efforts with SkateFenders become such a success. Leach begins his new career for the spring 2014. He can still be found in the office where he worked as a mechanical engineering project manager for the PDC. back to top



Professor Paul DuesingProfessor Paul Duesing, P.E. heads for the tracks and trails | December 20, 2013

The train calendars and ski posters have been removed from the walls of CAS 202-D. The bookshevles only contain those tomes to be passed on to the next torch. The schedule holder is empty, and the nameplate slot awaits a new name. Prof. Paul Duesing, LSSU 1997 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipient has put aside his computer,shouldered his knapsack and moved on to retirement. Fortunately, he has recently joined the Industrial Advisory Board and won't become a stranger.

Duesing has been a familiar face in the CASET corridors since 1984. He has served as department chair, ABET evaluator, and challenged numerous future engineers to push their potential. Lines of students waited outside his door for assistance with statics, dynamics, PLCs, and various manufacturing and materials questions. In addition to coursework, Duesing was frequently on the road to visit cooperative education sites, attend conferences, provide workshops, present papers, and get his hands dirty during the summer working in industry. He worked with the SAE student group, and drew a bead with squirt guns and super-soakers at the School banquets. He also weilded a mean can of silly string. Kidding aside, Duesing was a dedicated professor. He admits to having been tough, and maintained high standards for his students - pushing them to learn to think and solve problems on their own. When a student showed initiative, a good work ethic and effort, Duesing's patience and energy were long and tireless. His tenacity earned him the Little Screw Award and the Big Resistor graced his wall.

His love of trains made its appearance in the department. The Big Nut & Tool Award was passed on to him and emerged with a working model train running through the award's nut and was unveiled by Duesing in full train gear. Freshmen used the Great Northern Railway mountain goat as a casting model. His passion has filled the lower floor of his home with an amazing network of tracks and landscapes. Additionally, cycling, hiking and skiing were favorite activites. It wasn't unusual for him to record 5000 miles in a summer just on his bike alone. In the winter, Duesing could easily have been mistaken for a snowman by the time he finished his six-mile walk to work, complete with frosted beard and moustache.

Alumni frequently write to say how difficult Duesing's courses were, and in reflection, graduates wouldn't have wanted it any other way. They discover how well they were prepared for their careers as a result of Duesing's attention to detail and making sure they did their very best. It will be a different place without him, but we wish him well in his retirement - time to spend with grandchildren and family, and doing the things he loves. back to top

Summer filled with engineering co-op and intership opportunies | September 2013

Several students benefit from internship opportunities with our industrial partners including the International Bridge Authority and Cloverland Electric,both in Sault Ste. Marie; Advenovation in Brighton, Lexamar (MAGNA) in Boyne City, and Consumer's Energy in Muskegon.. Another internship headed southeast to Proctor and Gamble in Georgia. One of our Canadian students interned at Tenaris Algoma Tube alongside several LSSU alumni, and a fellow Canadian interned at Topline Electric Limites.

Paul Fedirko interned at the International BridgePaul Fedirko | International Bridge
This was an amazing summer for me. I had the opportunity to work as a student intern at the International Bridge with civil engineers Karl Hansen and Phil Becker. I learned a lot about the structures of the bridge as well as study the transportation of goods between Canada and the US.

A little fact about the International Bridge: The US's top imports from Canada are iron and steel; Canada's top two imports from the US are vehicles and ships. During the past two years, 25 percent of the US's importation of uranium came across the International Bridge and through Sault Ste. Marie.


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Nicholas Letts machined robotics components. Brian Parkham programmed robotic simulations.Nick Letts, Brian Parkham | Advenovation, Fenton, Mich.
I am pleased to report that Brian Parkham and Nick Letts completedtheir internships at Advenovation with flying colors. It was a great pleasure to have them with us this summer and we accomplished a lot and enjoyed our teamwork.
Nick did a lot of mechanical design work and worked on a large de-palletizing project. His task included intricate mechanical design for unusual robotic applications involving motors, an end effector  for which he designed and machined the components, mechanical actuation, vacuum, and sensors.
Brian performed numerous FANUC Roboguide simulations and vision projects, programmed solutions and assisted with sales and applications engineering. He also did a lot to get things set up as we opened two new offices : one across the street from FANUC Robotics and one near Oakland Airport.

Thanks for all that you do to prepare students at LSSU. The teaching work and the hands on training that you do is truly remarkable. Best regards, Adil Shafi, President, Advenovation

Stephanie Peck interned at P&G in GeorgiaStephanie Peck | Proctor & Gamble, Albany, Georgia
This summer I worked for P&G Family Care in Albany, Georgia. I had a construction team working under me, and I lead upgrades and machine installs on Bounty and Charmin production lines. It taught me a lot about project management, trouble shooting, problem solving, working under pressure and staying organized. It's hard to put it into words because a lot of the equipment I worked on is confidential. It was an amazing experience though and I'm very fortunate that my hard work paid off and I was able to work for such a well known company. I got a job offer and plan on returning as a full time employee next summer!


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Samantha Lies at Consumers Engergy in MuskegonSamantha Lies | Consumers Energy, Jackson, Mich.
This summer I was an intern at Consumers Energy. I was located at the Jackson branch in their main headquarters. I worked for a team within the IT department called the CC&P (Communication Collaboration & Productivity). My team, on the large scale was in charge of allowing the inter-company communication to flow smoothly. They did a lot of web development so teams could share power points together and notes or updates, not something the outside customers saw, but still important to the companies function. Being part of a corporate company there was also a number of interns (within Jackson and in other areas). I participated in two intern challenges. The BTS (Business Technology Solutions--part of IT) and the Cooperate challenge. The first one was, in a group, to create an innovative idea and show how it would be implemented. These were presented to the CIO at the end of the summer. The second  (Cooperate Challenge) was volunteering in the community. The groups chose what types one event(s) they were going to do and do them. These also had presentations at the end and winners. My group took second place. With such an extensive network of facilities, the interns were also allowed to tour any of the other facilities. I took a number of tours myself, which is what one of the pictures is. That particular picture is at the coal plant in Muskegan, Mich. back to top

Logan CowleyLogan Cowley | Tenaris Algoma Tubes, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
This summer I had the privilege to work in the Tenaris Algoma Tubes Maintenance Engineering Department in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. Some of my tasks included reverse Engineering old parts and making improvements on them to ensure a longer life of the part and fewer break downs in the mill. As well, I was in charge of many machine upgrades and working alongside other maintenance departments to design something to meet their needs. I worked alongside many former Lakers (James Kucher, Donovan Kennedy and Mike Gearing) in that department as well as countless others from all areas of the mill (Finishing Mills 1 & 2, Heat Treat and the Hot Rolling Mill). I was also able to be the lead designer on a new conveyor system which was installed during the annual shutdown this August. I was in charge of redesigning an old system and making various improvements to it.

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David Vikken | Topline Electric Limites, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.David Vikken
This summer I worked as a project estimator for Topline Electric Limites in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. I spent most of my days looking at technical drawings and working alongside engineers in order to estimate the costs of different local infrastructure projects. back to top

Randi VaughanRandi Vaughan Sims | Lexamar, Boyne City, Mich.
I worked on the Decklid Finisher Panel for the 2014 Ford Fusion. I worked with the team of engineers design of attachment features, and develop a manufacturing process to produce the part.




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Micah Stuhldreher, fall 2013 freshman | Toyoda Gosei SystemsMicah Stuhldreher
I worked for a company called Toyoda Gosei Fluid Systems. They produce thermoplastic tubes for fuel tanks inside cars. I was part of the manufacturing systems improvement and my job was to program Fanuc robots and make them run more efficiently. The work mostly involved m-10s, m-60s, and m-710s. In addition to teaching robots, opportunities included Omron PLC programming, machining, and electrical wiring.

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LSSU Engineering programs receive ABET re-accreditation | August 2013

The School received notification in August that our Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering programs have been reaccredited until our next visit in 2018. Congratulations to the faculty and staff from the School of Engineering & Technology as well as the campus at large for all of their support and efforts as we prepared for last fall's visit.

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Summer camps spell SUCCESS | August 2013

It wasn't all work and no play this summer. Robotics camps were full and fun. Co-directors Prof. Jim Devaprasad and Eric Becks of the Product Development Center (PDC) and SSMartZone hosted six camps with 16 participants in each. There were two sessions for Women in Technology, three sessions (young men’s) Robotics camps, and a session for one of LSSU’s charter schools: Advanced Technology Academy from Dearborn.

Watch a slide show of Summer Camps 2013

Campers traveled from throught Michigan, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Florida and Ontario, Canada. The longest distance traveled was from Shang Hai. The average age of our campers was 13 with an ACT average of 23.5 - topping out at 35. They participated in rapelling with Dr. Sally Childs, electronics with Dr. David Baumann, computer animation with Dr. Andrew Jones and David Leach of the PDC, robotics applications and engineering careers with Prof. Jim Devaprasad. Devaprasad and Becks worked with the campers in the robotics labs. Ben Miller '07 taught the Exploring the Internet and Web Page Design sessions, completing his 13th summer with the Robotics camps. Jon Coullard amazed campers with demonstrations on the Tinius Olson and CAM.

Lab assistants included Trace Hill (CE), Levi Marchetti (CE), Jonathan Reath (ME), Ben Newland (ME), and '13 graduate Sarah Becks. The participants were house in Chippewa Hall, the Living & Learning community for the School of Engineering & Technology. Those living and working with the campers were counselors Kelsey Cash '13, Sabrina Nevue '11, Jay Beach '13 and Miller.

Participants had choices for their Thursday evening between a special meal in town or a bonfire on the beach. Day trips travled to the Soo Locks, Lockview Mini-Golf, Mackinaw Mill Creek, ice skating at the Big Bear, and facilities on campus. Click here for more information about our Summer Camps.

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Students present at professional conferences | Spring 2013

  • The Engineering House presented at the regional ASEE conference at (The) Ohio State University: Jon Spencer, et. al., "Rapid Prototyping Machine," ASEE North Central Section Conf., Columbus, OH, Apr. 5-6, 2013.

  • Travis Pendell presented the results from the 2012-2013 Senior Project team (Team HelioTech) at the 2013 IEEE PVSC conference in Tampa Bay, FL and published the following paper: Brett Newill, Matthew Wagner, Travis Pendell, Blaine Roushia, Benjaman Holbrook, Paul J. Weber, Joseph Moening, Tim Hebrink, Roger Strharsky, "Low-X BIPV Window Enabled by
    Infrared Mirror Film," IEEE PhotoVoltaic Specialist Conference (PVSC), Tampa Bay, FL, June 16-21, 2013.