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"I graduated from LSSU in Mechanical Engineering in 1999, and have since had a heavy focus in robotics and systems integration. I spent my first 7 years with FANUC in Rochester Hills as a product manager, and have since worked for Hartness International managing a robotic automation group. We continue to grow at a rapid pace, and will integrate 60+ robots this year and see no slow down in sight. My experience at LSSU has enabled me to take charge in this challenging and growing market."

Matt Job Business Unit Manager Automation Group Hartness International

School of Engineering & Technology

Senior Projects 2011-2012

Brent Kemmer II of EOSIndustrial Customer Brent Kemmer of EOS in Rochester, Mich. is an alumnus of LSSU's mechanical engineering program, graduating in 2004. Learn more about EOS at

Team RDP on the deck of the Valley Camp
UP ON DECK - Members of Team RDP take a moment stand with their industrial advisor and a cameraman from Leica on the deck of the Museum Ship Valley Camp in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., during a 3D scanning session in the engine room. Pictured from left: Jim Devaprasad, LSSU faculty advisor; Tim Gallaway of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., ME; Josh Korman of Lupton, Mich., ME; Matt Caccamo of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., ME; industrial customer Brent Kemmer of EOS, '04 LSSU ME alum; and Bruce Vowditch of Leica.


Team RDP logo

Team RDP
Riverside Design and Planning


  • Matt Caccamo, ME
  • Tim Gallaway, ME
  • Josh Korman, ME

Faculty Advisor:

  • Prof. Jim Devaprasad


  • EOS of Rochester, Michigan

Industrial Contact:

  • Bernt Kemmer II

Project Description: 3D Scan Modeling and Simulation

Team RDP will design and create a process that simulates a marine asset so that maintenance, rebuild, and overhaul (MRO) projects for the asset can be planned and implemented efficiently. The process will involve 3D scanning, CAD modeling, simulation, and 3D PDF creation. The outcome of this project will be used as a model by EOS to demonstrate the MRO processes to their military, bulk cargo transport, and shipyard clients.

Making 3D scan of Valley Camp SCANNING HISTORY IN 3-D -- Engineers with a Lake Superior State University project scan the engine room of the 95-year-old retired Great Lakes ore carrier Valley Camp on Oct. 6. The effort will produce a high fidelity, three-dimensional digital rendering of the historic freighter, now a museum ship in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. LSSU senior engineering students are creating the model for an industrial client who wants to prototype a way of "virtualizing" the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of oversized industrial machinery. Technicians used a state-of-the-art scanner from Leica, shown here on a yellow tripod, to take in 360-degree views of the ship's mechanical areas, from stem to stern.

Links to the 2011-12 Senior Project Teams:

Second Place

“Simulated Arterial Blockages for Ultrasound Training" Presentation by Natasha Flynn of senior project Team Innovative Medical Training Devices.

Engineers, like all professionals, must possess a well-developed ability to communicate. This poster competition, held at the local District Student Conferences, is designed to emphasize the ability to deliver a visual presentation. Subject matter is to be related to some area in the field of mechanical engineering.

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