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Peter Pietrangelo of Sault Ste. Marie presented a research paper at the 2010 John Burroughs Nature Writing Conference and Seminar held during the summer at the State University of New York in Oneonta. The conference, "Old Lessons for a New Millennium: Nature Writing and Environmentalism in the 21st Century," focused on the work of writers who contributed to the early conservation movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the work of contemporary writers who are exerting an influence on the development of early 21st century environmentalism. Read more

Peter Pietrangelo ('10)
Liberal Studies, concentrations in both English and professional communication

Department of English

Why Study English?

The study of English prepares you to communicate effectively, to understand the history and power of words, to think critically and creatively, and to recognize and balance several points of view. It provides you a better understanding of human nature, your community, and your place in the world. The writing and critical thinking skills developed in English coursework will make you competitive in many fields.

"In a survey of 100 human resources executives, only 5 percent said that recent college graduates lacked computer or technology skills... The problem now is more basic. Nearly half the executives said that entry-level workers lacked writing skills, and 27 percent said that they were deficient in critical thinking."

— Phyllis Korkki, New York Times reporter, in "Young Workers"

"Every job requires workers to understand instructions quickly and to explain problems to supervisors and other workers. Good communication is essential for most occupations, even those that require little interaction with others. A problem cited by employers of engineers, for example, is that some technically competent workers are unable to explain what they are doing, to understand or explain what their part of a project is, or to relate their task to what others are doing."

— Nancy Saffer, economist, formerly with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, in "English and Your Career"

In addition to those postgraduate occupations traditionally associated with English majors — such as graduate study in English, education, law, public relations, journalism, and publishing — your degree in English from LSSU will prepare you for a surprising number of careers. 

Careers for English Majors

Account Executive
Administrative Assistant
Advertising Copywriter
Assistant Scientific Writer
Bank Officer
Book Critic
Business Manager
Circulation Assistant
City Manager
College Professor
Comedy Writer
Communications Manager
Congressional Aide
Corrective Therapist
Creative Writer
Critic, Art/Book
Customer Service
Desktop Publisher
Radio-TV Commentator
Radio-TV Newscaster
Reading Consultant
Research Assistant
Retail Sales
Technical Consultant
Technical Writer
Training Specialist
Editor, Film/Video
Editor, Magazine
Editor, News
Editor, Newspaper
Editor, Publications
Editor, Publications
Editor, Writer
Education & Training
Educational Program Specialist
Entertainment Agent
Fashion Merchandiser
Foreign Correspondent
Freelance Writer/Consultant
Hearing Officer
Hotel & Motel Manager
Human Resources Professional
Human Service Practitioner
Insurance Agent
Interior Designer
Interpreter & Translator
Investment Counselor
Investment Manager
Labor Relations Specialist
Legal Assistant
Sales Representative
Sales or Service Manager
Script Consultant
Script Reader
Social Welfare Examiner
Social Worker
Video Scriptwriter/Producer
Literary Agent
Loan Officer
Magazine Writer
Management Trainee
Manuscript Reader
Market Research
Marketing Specialist
Marketing Writer
Mass Media
Media Planner
Medical Records
Paralegal Assistant
Personnel Manager
Probation and Parole Officer
Product Manager
Program Manager
Property Manager
Public Administrator
Public Relations Specialist
Public Speaker
Publicity Assistant
Publishing Assistant
Special Events Coordinator
Speech Writer
Sports Writer
Talent Agent
Teacher (All Disciplines)
Teacher (ESL)
Writer (Print and Web)
Documentation Specialist



Jessica Hirt

"One of my favorite things about LSSU is its size. The classrooms, especially as you get to the upper levels, get smaller, so you not only have a chance to discuss your ideas in an honest, supportive manner, but you also get to know your professors and classmates. The upper level courses really allow you to focus on what you love, and the small class size allows you to have time to share and to discuss your ideas." [ more ]

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