Ashley Moerke, Ph.D.

Professor & Co-Director of the Aquatic Research Laboratory

Department of Biological Sciences

Lake Superior State University



Research Interests - aquatic ecology, stream fisheries ecology, ecosystem restoration, watershed management, bioassessment, conservation of freshwater biota



**Student Opportunities! ** I'm looking for students in fall 2014 and summer 2015 to conduct senior thesis research related to the projects below:



Ongoing and Past Research

  • Ecological linkages between tributaries and nearshore areas of Lake Superior - involves measuring and recording water quality and algal biomass, maintaining and downloading flow and temperature dataloggers; this is part of a larger, collaborative study looking at tributary influences on lake whitefish populations (collaborator:  Paul Ripple, Bay Mills Indian Community)
  • Lake sturgeon movement and habitat use in the St. Marys River, MI (collaborators: Roger Greil, LSSU ARL; Chris Olds, Scott Koproski, USFWS)
  • Effects of temperature on functional relationships among Michigan ’s fluvial fish assemblages:  identifying management opportunities in the face of environmental changes (collaborators: Dr. Dana Infante, MSU; Dr. Casey Huckins, MTU; Dr. Travis Brenden, MSU)
  • Distribution and habitat requirements of freshwater mussels in the Upper Peninsula (collaborators: Jessica Mistak, MDNR; Andy Selle, Inter-fluve, Inc.; Pete Badra, MNFI; Randy Piette, WDNR)


Senior Thesis Advisees (*presented at a scientific conference, ^submitted for publication/published)


Dutton, A. Current. Effects of a wildfire on terrestrial subsidies and resident fish diets in the Two Hearted River, MI. Hiltz, D. Current.  Response of salmonid populations to a dam removal on Thompson Creek, MI.

Price, G. Current. Contaminant loads in semi-aquatic mammals in relation to salmon spawning runs.

Sleight, N. Current. Changes in fish and insect communities after restoration of flow in the Little Rapids area, St. Marys River, MI.

Wenke, A. Current.

Bishop, Rebecca. Current. Landscape characterization of Whitefish Bay watersheds using GIS.

*Baldwin, R. 2014. – Resistance and resilience of macroinvertebrate communities to wave disturbances in coastal wetlands.

*Curell, B. 2014. – Effects of disturbance frequency on macroinvertebrate communities in coastal wetlands. - Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium

*Mockler, D. 2014 - Tributary contribution of energy to rivermouths in Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior.

Berry, Zach. 2013. Larval and adult fish use of the Little Rapids area prior to flow restoration.

Vandenberg, Blake. 2013. Response of stream habitat and macroinvertebrates to culvert replacement in the Two Hearted and Tahquahmenon River watersheds.- Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium

*^Kirby, Fred. 2013. Colonization of a brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) stream by introduced brown trout (Salmo trutta). (Click here to view poster)

*Elya, Matt. 2013. Comparison of nutrient excretion rates of native and non-native migratory fishes in Great Lakes tributaries. (Click here to view poster) - Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium

*Osga, Jimmy. 2013. Changes in the spatial distribution of sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) in the St. Marys River before, during, and after spawning. (Click here to view poster) - Best Student Poster at MI AFS Annual Meeting

*Poehls, Ashley. 2013. Effects of ocean acidification on the growth rate and biomass of the coccolithophore Pleurochrysis sp.

*Ransom, John. 2012. Impacts of non-native salmonids on resident stream fish communities after barrier removal.  (Click here to view poster)

*Tucker, Stefan. 2012. Verification of lake sturgeon reproduction in the St. Marys River. - Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium

*Crane, Josh. 2012. Relationships between dissolved nutrients and Typha sp. dominance in Iowa wetlands - Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium

*Chambers, Amanda. 2012.  Status, distribution, and environmental factors limiting brook trout in Cheney Creek, MI.

Ingersoll, Alexander. 2012.  Spatial and temporal patterns of larval fishes in Black Lake, MI.

*Marshall, Brian. 2012.  Patterns of aquatic insects emerge in the presence of introduced spawning salmon.

*Riley, Jacob. 2012. Does the physical environment of a stream favor certain life history attributes of fishes?

*Zellinger, James. 2012.  Size-specific habitat use by brown and brook trout in Hunt Creek, MI.

*Cross, Robert.  2011.  The role of barriers in protecting native fish communities from upstream migrations. - Best Student Poster at LSSU Biology Research Symposium; Best Student Poster at MI AFS Annual Meeting

Truax, Andrew.  2011.  Biological and economic surveys of aquatic invasive species in tributaries to the St. Marys River.

*Gay, Ross.  2011.  Effects of spawning Pacific salmon on aquatic macroinvertebrate drift.

*Kosiara, Jessica.  2011.  Experimental evaluation of spawning salmon effects on algal biomass. - Best Student Poster at MI AFS Annual Meeting

Montgomery, Dave.  2010. Status and condition of siscowet (Salvelinus namaycush) in Canadian waters of Lake Superior.

*^Turschak, Ben., 2009.  Seasonal and spatial changes in zooplankton of the St. Marys River.

Ward, Nate.  2009.  Effects of large woody debris additions on fish communities in low gradient Upper Peninsula streams.

Wils, Joel.  2009.  Does artificial stream habitat improve trout populations?

McManus, Luke.   2009.  The effects of pasture land on a small headwater stream.

*^Gerig, Brandon. 2009.  Population characteristics, movement patterns, and habitat use of lake sturgeon in the St. Marys River.

*^Harriger, Kathryn. 2009.  Freshwater mussel distribution and demographics in relation to microhabitat in a 1st order stream in the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

*Jerome, Corey.  2009.  Sunfish predation on milfoil weevil (Euhrychiopsis lecontei) in two inland lakes

Olds, Christopher.  2009.   Fin and micropore morphometrics of two lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) strains

*^Collins, Scott. 2008.  Response of algal biomass and water chemistry to spawning Pacific salmon in three Northern Michigan streams. - Best Student Paper at MI AFS Annual Meeting

*Harjala, Kurt.  2008.  Can landscape characteristics predict steelhead spawning sites?

*Johnson, Jennifer.  2008.  Freshwater mussel distribution and relationships with landscape variables in northern Michigan streams.

*Pumfery, Matt.  2008.  Diet composition of double-crested cormorants on Brevoort Lake.

*Zomer, Frank. 2008. Differences in benthic algae, macroinvertebrates, and fish use of log cribs of varying ages.

*Kline, Meghan. 2007.  Population characteristics and movement patterns of lake sturgeon, Acipenser fulvescens, in the St. Marys River.

Traylor, Katy. 2007.  Bioassessment of Pearson's Creek.

Wrzesinski, Jeri. 2007.  Habitat preferences of burbot in Lower Peninsula Michigan streams.

*Pinkerton, Jeramy. 2007.  Diet and morphology of four coregonid species in Lake Superior.

*Adams, Chris. 2006.  Influence of spawning salmonids on diets of pre-smolt steelhead.

*Johnson, Jeremiah. 2006.  Egg-thiamine concentration and the occurrence of Early Mortality Syndrome in larval lake trout from Yankee Reef, Lake Huron.

Kelly, Jacob.  2006.  Comparison of three aging techniques for yellow perch in Baei de Wassai, MI.

Lipps, Matt. 2006.  Seasonal distribution of walleye and muskellunge in the Tahquamenon River, MI.

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Axtell, Kyle.  2005.  The effects of hydroelectric impoundments on aquatic invertebrate assemblages in the Boardman River, MI.

*Bauman, John.  2005.  Evaluation of a stream-side rearing facility by measuring growth dynamics of young-of-year lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens).

Smith, Rob.  2004.  Effectiveness of different aquatic macroinvertebrate samplers within riffle and run habitats.



Publications (*undergraduate student)


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