Classes at LSSU:

  1. GEO 315 Geochemical Systems: The study of high-temperature igneous, metamorphic, and hydrothermal processes in the context of their global tectonic settings. Topics include the origin and evolution of magmas, igneous crystallization and emplacement processes, and hydrothermal reactions. Emphasis is placed on the origin and deposition of ore deposits, as well as the environmental implications associated with economic geology.

  2. GEO 411 Hydrological system: Surface and groundwater:The study of hydrologic systems with an emphasis on groundwater hydrology. Topics include the hydrologic cycle, precipitation, droughts, evapotranspiration, groundwater flow, groundwater-surface water interaction and groundwater contamination.

  3. EVRN 131 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems: This course is designed to initiate the exploration of tools and technology needed to access, manipulate, and display geographic information. Topics include cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and Remote Sensing (RS).

  4. EVRN 325 Geospatial Analysis: This class focuses on a wide range of issues relating to the analysis of raster models, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), and satellite imagery. Special emphasis is placed on visualization and analysis of environmental data in 3-D.

  5. EVRN 345 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Statistics: The emphasis in this course is analyzing patterns, mapping clusters, and identifying geographic distributions. Specific topics include point pattern analysis, spatial autocorrelation, spatial regression and kriging.

  6. EVRN 355 GIS Programming and Applications: In this class, the importance of automating tasks in Geographic Information Systems using ModelBuilder and Python to minimize human error and to optimize workload is emphasized.

  7. EVRN 425 Environmental Systems:Evaluation of the environmental health of a site through the understanding of the fundamental principles associated with water and waste water. Sustainability of the water resources are covered, with a special focus on drought prone areas.

Classes previously taught at NMU:

  1. GC 320 Environmental Policy and Regulations: Historical framework for environmental protection, environmental regulations associated with water quality, air quality, toxic substances, waste management, and natural resources.

  2. GC 300 Regional Studies: Mexico. History, geography, economic activities, politics, religion, economic challenges, NAFTA, society and culture, immigration, and current environmental problems.