My current research interests include the identification of agricultural regions in North America that are climatologically susceptible to droughts throughout the study and the integration of satellite products and water resources models. I am also interested in understanding the water policies, economic subsidies, or infrastructure that affects the vulnerability of a region focusing on food security under current and changing climate conditions.

Figure of wheat in Canada developed in ArcGIS using data from Environmental and Statistics Canada SPI 1-month. July 2002. Created using a modified version of a program by Guttman using GPCC data with a resolution of 0.5 degrees.

Current Interests:

Integrated Water Resources Management.
Surface and Groundwater Systems
Interactions between surface and groundwater.
Water Sustainability
Development of water indicators using satellite products.
Droughts and Food Security
Relationship between drought indices and agricultural impacts.
Geospatial Analysis
Spatial analysis and statistics of environmental data.
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Environmental Applications of GIS focusing on water resources.