Career Examples

Litigation Legal Assistant:

Conducts legal, factual and computerized research; drafts legal pleadings and documents; interviews clients and witnesses; investigates, gathers and organizes case information; assists at trial.

Corporate Legal Assistant:

Drafts and/or analyzes various legal documents; attends meetings, negotiations or closings; performs legal and factual research; monitors compliance with applicable industry regulations; assists attorneys with preparation for collective bargaining, contract negotiations, administrative hearings or trials.

Criminal Law Legal Assistant:

Conducts comprehensive interviews of defendants, law enforcement, victims, and/or witnesses; performs case and field investigations; locates and coordinates usage of applicable experts; prepares motions, briefs or other legal documents; acts as a litigation assistant during trial and any appeal.

Governmental Legal Assistant:

Works as an immigration specialist; civil rights analyst; environmental protection specialist; legislative analyst; workers compensation claims examiner, etc. (even the White House has employed legal assistants).

Real Estate Legal Assistant:

Conducts title searches; drafts real estate closing documents; monitors compliance with title, survey, disclosure and/or regulatory requirements; schedules and participates in real estate closings.