Program Highlights

Reasons to Choose the Legal Assistants Career and Lake Superior State University:
Annual LSSU Alumni Surveys demonstrate excellent job placement

Recent Employer Survey (Summer 1999) indicated that 61% of LSSU alumni exceeded employer expectations and that 31% of LSSU alumni met employer expectations

Interesting and professional careers in law

High quality program with an outstanding reputation since 1983

Numerous law courses are offered so that students gain substantial knowledge in various areas of the law

Law courses are practical "how to" courses taught by attorneys, judges and others who have expertise in the areas in which they teach

An internship or practicum is available in a law office or other legal environment so that students gain valuable on-the-job experience which can lead to greater job opportunities (in fact, a number of graduates have obtained employment at their internship site)

A The Legal Assistant Student/Alumni Association enhances the educational experience through its various activities (e.g., mock trials, guest speakers from the legal community, seminars, social events)

An advisory committee consisting of judges, lawyers, legal assistants and various community members throughout northern Michigan (as well as faculty and administrators) provide guidance on curriculum, graduate placement, and other matters relating to the legal assistant program and LSSU

Special Note: The Advisory Committee includes the immediate Past President of the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA)

The Program Coordinator (an attorney) has served on the Certifying Board for the National Association of Legal Assistants and is currently a member of various professional organizations, such as the American Bar Association, Legal Assistant Association of Michigan, State Bar of Michigan, National Association of Legal Assistants, etc

The areas of ethics, legal research and legal writing (which are vital skills in the legal environment) are given particular emphasis

The teaching emphasis is on preparing legal assistants to work within varied legal and related environments and to learn how to solve real-life legal problems

LSSU is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Educators