Collette Coullard


Professor Coullard's main research interests are in modeling, solution techniques, and the fundamental mathematics of combinatorial optimization. Her efforts are focused on network optimization, modeling environments, logistics, polyhedral theory, and matroid theory. She is also interested in industrial applications of network optimization technology.

 Within network optimization, Professor Coullard has, together with Jonathan Owen and David Dilworth, designed and implemented a research and teaching tool called GIDEN: a Graphical Implementation Development Environment for Networks.

 Within logistics, Professor Coullard works on modeling and solving problems that have facility location, production scheduling, inventory control, and routing components (with Mark Daskin).

Within sensor network design and operation, Professor Coullard works with Mark Terwilliger on localization models and algorithms.

 Matroid theory and submodular functions provide a framework for understanding many efficiently solvable combinatorial optimization problems. Professor Coullard's recent research in submodular functions involve studying the structure of optimal solutions to the submodular function minimization problem, as well as implementing and testing efficient algorithms for minimizing submodular functions.