Chem House

Following two years of work and extensive renovations, The Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Living Learning Community (the "Chem House") has opened for the Fall semester, 2011.

Located in Huron Hall, former officers quarters for Fort Brady, we can house 16 students in an academically oriented, positive environment.

Facilities in the house include:

This fall we will be hosting several open houses, and the downstairs of the house is open to all Chemistry and Environmental Science students 7 days a week from 8am - 11pm.



I'd like to thank the following individuals for making all of this possible: Dave Myton (for the idea and many of the books in the library), Judy Westrick, Barb Keller, Scott Korb (Housing Director), Ken Peress (VP of Student Affairs), The LSSU Board of Trustees, and the studfent chairs of the housing committee, Richard Brace and Mike Overbeek. I'd also like to thank the many donors, and other students who contributed thier time and money to this project.