Ship Work

Francesco Peri, U-Mass Boston (R) and I (L)

installing a sampler on the R/V Cape Hatteras in '06


As an aqueous geochemist, I have spent a great deal of time on ships - from large research vessels on the Great Lakes and the Mid-Atlantic Bight, to small boats on inland lakes and rivers. Here are just a few of the pictures Ive accumulated :

The R/V Cape Hatteras docked at  the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institues dock (Cape Cod, MA)

The Hudson River Plume with $20,000 worth of Rhodamine Dye (non-toxic fluorescent dye) as part of a Lagrangian dye tracer experiment.

Preparing to deploy drifters

On the Hatteras in '04 (L-R): Matt Oliver (U. Delaware), John Reinfelder (Rutgers), Me, Bob Chant (Rutgers) Eli Hunter (Rutgers),

Kristie Ellickson (Minnesota Pollution Control Agency), Bob Houghton (Columbia, LDEO)

The R/V Connceticut on station.

On the Hudson River (NYC).  Note the Empire State Building on the left side.

NYC - the Statue of Liberty is just visible on the far left.

Jason on the WHOI dock

Colleagues from Rutgers, U-Mass Boston, and Columbia (LDEO) on the Cape Hatteras

docked at Staten Island ('05)

Spongebob and Patrick tagged along in '03.  Here they are watching the sunset over the Mid-Atlantic Bight