Comments & suggestions  should be directed to Visit my website This manual provides information about the resources and services for using animals in research and education at LSSU. The Manual also is a guide to the laws, standards and policies that impact these activities. Those involved in the use of animals at LSSU are expected to be knowledgeable about these matters and about the procedures to ensure humane practices and professionally acceptable standards of animal care and use. The Manual is available to anyone involved with vertebrate animal use.  Suggestions for improving this manual and any comments or corrections should be directed to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Five objectives have guided the preparation of this manual: 1) To provide the reader with an appreciation and basic understanding of the regulatory process and means by which compliance can be assured, and the responsibilities that one assumes when choosing to use laboratory animals.     2) To provide a concise, up-to-date accessible source of information about the University’s program for animal care and use to personnel involved with the program.     3) To facilitate good communication among animal users in the interest of good research and responsible animal care and use.     4) To document LSSU’s commitment to ensuring the humane use and care of animals required in the various research and teaching programs of the University.     5) To document, in part, the University’s responsibility for ensuring that all personnel involved with animal care and use are appropriately trained, experienced, and qualified to perform their respective duties. Some of the information appearing in this Manual has been adapted, with permission, from UCLA’s Animal Care and Use Training Manual, Oakland University’s Training and Information Manual: Animal Care and Use, and The University of Michigan’s training program for animal care and use.