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LSSU has three options for those with an interest in the management or research of fish and wildlife resources. Separate concentrations in Fisheries Management and Wildlife Management are designed for those students who have an overiding interest in either field.  These concentrations provide both breadth and depth in your area of interest while still allowing room for several elective courses.  If your interests are broader, or you want to increase the types of jobs you may qualify for, the combined Fisheries & Wildlife Management option is recommended.  This choice offers greater breadth but fewer opportunies for elective courses. Regardless of which option you select, I encourage you to consider continuing your education at the graduate level.  A Masters degree will significantly enhance your rsume in an historically competitive job market. You will also have an (optional) opportunity to earn a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  This technology has many applications including the management of natural resources.  Many of the job postings that come across my desk indicate a preference for candidates with an interest and training in GIS.  If you have such an interest be sure to discuss it with your advisor early in your college career. Fisheries & Wildlife Management Fisheries Management Wildlife Management
Updated: 11/14/2013