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Lake Superior State University

Dr. Jason K. Swedene
Office: 223 Arts Center
Phone: 906-635-2122

Jason K. Swedene


—You may order the old ones by praying and/or contacting JKS—

Night Cafe
Van Gogh, Night Cafe

Songs For The Masses [2009] Listen to this album
Forty Minutes
Follow Her Feelings
Aging Man
Autumn Leaves Fall
Back When I Had More Time Than Money
The Middle of July
Me, Me, Me
The Angry Contractor
She Doesn't Always Do What She's Supposed To
Chinese Tea
Still Insecure
I Won't Be Going Away
Be Careful Who You Fall in Love With

No Man is a Continent [2007] Listen to this album
Favor Me
I Imagine Her
Call It Love
Monastic Glory (Where the Wind Doth Blow)
Be This Way Without You (Noonan/ Swedene)
They Moved the Stones
Do Not Her Words Belong in a Creed?
Moving On
Might Need the Medicine
No Man is a Continent

Introducing the Biological Fathers EP [2007] Listen to this album
I Imagine Her
Is This All That There Is?
I'll Cry Instead (Lennon /McCartney)

'496' [2006] Listen to this album
Tomorrow: Well, Who Knows?
Here They Come
It Seems Another Day
Ring of Gyges
These Hands
Save My Soul
It Didn't Happen
Waiting for a Superman (Flaming Lips)

While You Sleep Sound...[2005] Listen to this album
on our own
the day i almost said i loved you
sooped up neon
lo(w) and behold
no one holds a grudge like...
these days
my gethsemane
all i want
faith in you
the causes of road rage and some of its effects

Live at the AC [9/25/05] with Drew Listen to this album
mp3 download

EP2004 Listen to this album
The Troubled Teen
Graven Images
So Vain
I Didn't Learn that Much
Enjoy These Spring Flowers
Dale (What Happens When 'Bad' Happens to the #3?)

Somefinished Songs [2003] Listen to this album
THE ten MINUTE deal
Saw Her In A Stroller
more than I deserve
An Open Mind
Don’t You Look Like Her
Love Songs: Write Me More
Damian’s Gone To Rochester
Friends Don’t Last
Highlights(and Gravy)
Inconceivable (No2)
Used To Be A Republican

Unsolicited Songs [2002] Listen to this album
Communist in a Volvo
Is This All There Is?
Socially Conscious Songs
Subway that only goes Six Miles
One In Billions
BA in Spanish
You Won't Let Me Play My Guitar
Buy the Dog
Waste of a Miracle
Etched in Ink
Unsolicited Surgeon of Your Heart
Tragedies Don't Happen Often Enough For Her
First Day of Gym Class
Bird on a Wire (Cohen)
Jealous Thoughts
What You Saw
Citizens Like Sports Fans

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