Directed Study

Instructor: Dr. Jason Swedene
Office location and phone number: LBR 327 (phone: 635-2122)
Office Hours: by appointment

Logic is typically defined as "the science of correct reasoning." Logic is a normative enterprise (as opposed to a descriptive enterprise), for to reason correctly is better than not to reason correctly. We are primarily concerned with how we ought to reason. As one philosopher puts it, logic is the "ethics of the intellect." Through analyzing language structures, propositions, and their relations we will acquire the tools requisite for a higher clarity of thinking and for a better way to convey our thoughts to others.

Required Text:

Hurley, Patrick J. A Concise Introduction to Logic, 8th edition: Wadsworth, 2003.

Required Course Website:

Course Requirements:

    1) This is a directed study course.  I plan to meet with you at the end of each week that the course is in session.  There are a list of assignments at the end of this syllabus.  Please complete the relevant section before our meeting.
2) There are many excellent exercises in this Logic text, and the CD that accompanies our text is a helpful practice medium. Since you are the best judge of what you need more work on, it would be prudent to work on all relevant problems, even if the instructor does not assign them. Check out a page containing supplemental items by clicking here.
3) Your grade will be 50 % turned in homework plus 25 % for each of two tests, which will be given at a time of your choosing.

4) "In compliance with Lake Superior State University policy and equal access laws, disability-related (learning, medical, physical, etc.) accommodations and services are available. Students are to meet with their professor in a timely manner, preferably the first week of class, to discuss their accommodation needs. Students will not receive services until they register with the Resource Center for Students with Disabilities (RCSD). Proper registration will enable the RCSD to verify the disability and determine reasonable academic accommodations. RCSD is located in South Hall, office 206, ext. 2355."


Ch. 1
Read 1.1-1.4

Exercises to do:

p. 7: 1.1 (1-10)

p. 37: 1.3 (1-10)

p. 48: 1.4 (1-10)

Ch. 2

Read 2.1-2.4

To do:
p. 101: 2.4 (1-30)

Ch. 4

Read 4.1-4.6

To do:
p. 190: 4.1 (1-8)
p. 194: 4.2 (I, II, III, IV)
p. 203: 4.3 (I 1-8,    II 1-6)
p. 212: 4.4 (II 1-3)
p. 219: 4.5 (I  1-9)


Ch. 5

Read 5.1-5.3

To do:
p. 246: 5.1 (I  1-5,        II 1-5)
p. 258: 5.2 (I  1-15)

Ch. 6
Read 6.1-6.3

To do:
p. 295: 6.1 ( I   1-10             III 1-10)
p. 309: 6.2  (III 1-20)
p. 317: 6.3  (I   1-5     II 5-10)

Ch. 9 and Ch. 3
Read 9.1, 9.2, and 3.1-3.4

To do:
p. 503: 9.2 (I  1-10)
p. 113: 3.1 (1-10)
p. 125: 3.2 (1-15)
p. 141: 3.3 (1-15)
p. 163: 3.4 (1-15)