Lake Superior State University
Tentative Schedule and Assignments

Week                                       Topic                                                          Assignments
Week 1            Introduction to course & review syllabus  
                        Define health, wellness, disease, and consumerism 
                        in health care.

Week 2            Visit library.                                                                     Obtain LSSU email
Week 3            Goals, structure, and functions of the health care 
                        system; theories and philosophies

Week 4            Time given for interviews

Week 5            Health care delivery models, impact of  regulatory 
                        bodies on health care, standards of care 

Week 6            Roles of health care providers within the health care 
                        system, UAPs, contrast educational programs for 
                        preparing health care personnel, professionalism, 
                        continuing education, certification and licensure.

Week 7            Factors influencing change in the health care system,         Interview reports 
                        rights and responsibilities of consumers of health care                due                   
Week 8            Organizational culture, advocacy                                      Midterm interview due
Week 9            Effective communication, talking with patients and 
                        families, Nursing process, charting, computer 

Week 10          Risk management

Week 11          Ethical/legal issues                                                           Concept paper due
Week 12          Health care costs.
Week 13          Student presentations

Week 14          Student presentations

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