Lake Superior State University 
 Department of Nursing 

                               NU 436 Contemporary Issues in Nursing Tenative Schedule 
                                                    Faculty:  Lynn Gimpel-Kabke, RN, MSN, CNS 
Week                              Content                                                   Assignments/due dates 
   1              Introduction to course; Review syllabus;                        Obtain e-mail address and 
                   negotiate course outline                                                 send e-mail message to 
                                                                                                        Professor Kabke 
                                                                                                        Bernzweig:  parts 1-5, 
                                                                                                        Hamilton: chapters 5, 8 
   2             History of Nursing                                                          Hamilton: chapter 1 

   3             Credentialing: licensure and certification                           E-mail message due on 
                  Guest lecture: Associate Dean of Nursing                        personal project selected 
                                                                                                        Hamilton: chapter 3 

   4             Resume Development: Guest lecture: Paul Fenlon            Class meets in the Center for 
                                                                                                        Career & Employment 
                                                                                                        Services.  Hamilton: chapter 
   5            Exam I                                                                             Meet only one hour 
   6           Organ and Tissue Donation:  Guest lecture: Rob                Outline of critical analysis 
                                                                                                         paper due.   Hamilton: 
                                                                                                         chapter 2 

   7           Professional Boundaries; Organizational Support                Resume due 
               (i.e. collective bargaining groups, professional                      Hamilton: chapter 12 

   8          Right to life; Death and Dying; Professional                          Bernzweig:  parts 6-8 
               Associations                                                                        Hamilton: chapter 4,7,& 9; 
                                                                                                          Booklet: Legal and 
                                                                                                          professional regulation of 
                                                                                                          nursing practice in Michigan. 

   9          Exam part 2                                                                        Meet only one hour 
   10        Legal Issues; Multi State Licensure                                     First Draft Letter to 
                                                                                                         Legislator due 

  11         Ethical & Moral Decision Making                                       Hamilton: chapter 7 

  12        Graduate Education & Continuing Education in Nursing       Hamilton: chapter 2 
                                                                                                        Letter to Legislator Due 

  13        Role Socialization; Unlicensed Assistive Personal                 Hamilton: chapter 13 

  14         Rationing of Health Care; Downsizing                                 Hamilton: chapter 6, 10 & 11 

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