ENGL111/ Been

Project Two: Guidelines and Gradesheet

Exploratory paper: Issues of sustainability



Paper two is your documentation of your exploratory journey through sustainability.


This paper offers you the opportunity to look at a range of library sources and websites that relate to sustainability. It also gives you an introduction to some of the debates swirling around issues of sustainability.  The websites at the companion link to this project only scratch the surface of the hundreds of topics related to sustainability. But these will give you a place to start.  You are welcome to venture to other internet sites outside of these, but please make the sites I have given you your main website sources since all of these sites are hosted by organizations/individuals of good-to-strong credibility.  If you use others, you MUST list the organization in full that sponsors the site and do a little background research on that organization.


Places to look and write about in your journey:



Content of the paper



Introduce your paper by naming some of the areas you are considering examining in your paper; explain what draws you to those topics within sustainability.



Look closely at (at least) twelve websites/reference sources/journal or newspaper articles in at least four different topic areas (for example: water, engineering, climate change, food/agriculture). Name the sites and sources you visited (make sure you write down the full name and website address for internet sites; list the full titles of articles and titles and dates of journals or reference sources where you found information); review in some detail what you discovered there (list the basic arguments/claims made; name other information the site or article contained: data/research; bibliography, visuals, other); comment on what struck your interest and why; name any further questions the article/site provoked; and, finally, comment on the arguments presented at this article/site that seem to be part of the conversation swirling around this topic.



In your conclusion, name those areas that your research has led you to feel the most interest in and explain why. If some topics have dropped off your list of considerations, also name those and explain why. If you were to currently rank your order of interests of those areas you looked at, what would that ranking be?  Try to name at least TWO specific topics that you are now considering for your paper.



Typed, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman, one-inch margins, 4-5 pages. APA format, with cover page.



Grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, et al. You are responsible for all surface features of your writing, but, for this paper, please pay particular attention to the following: