EN110/ Been


Spoken Word Artist Shihan

Wednesday, Sept 5, 2007

Cisler Center, 8:00 pm



Extra-credit possibility  (up to five points)


Attend the performance and write a response (narrative style, in a mini-essay) that comments on the following points. You’re welcome to include additional material, but I’ll be watching in particular for thoughtful, clear responses to the points below.



1. Is this the first time you’ve been to a spoken-word event like this?  If not, briefly tell about others you have attended.

2. Describe the setting of this LSSU event (where, when, special decorations/lighting/props, atmosphere, audience). 

3. Describe Shihan and his style (verbal style, physical appearance, style of physical movement).

4. What were the topics of some of Shihan’s poems? 

5. Listen closely for three to four phrases or lines that use specific imagery (listen for when the artist compares one item to another—for example, compares a pain to a serrated knife, compares the texture of skin to sun-warmed marble) and note those images in your response.  Note the phrases (this will probably require you to take notes during the performance). What was especially effective about these images to you as a listener?

6. Comment on other words of the artist that surprised/shocked/moved/delighted you. 

7. Overall, what were your impressions of this artist and this event?




Aim for specific description. Focus on what you see, hear, taste, touch, smell.  Give us some of what you are thinking, but make the main focus of the response a comment on what you are noticing. Responses should be about two typed pages long, double-spaced. Please proofread carefully.

Due: Monday September 10

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