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EGNR 261 (& 361) -- Energy Systems & Sustainability (& Lab)

Welcome to the homepage for EGNR 261 (& EGNR361), Energy Systems & Sustainability, at LSSU. Below is general information for the course, references and supplements. At the top and bottom you will find links to each of the sections as well as to the current syllabus, Google Drive, and Blackboard in addition to links to my homepage and weekly schedule.

General Course Information

Reference Material

Please note: some of these links are external and the information present in them is not guaranteed to be 100% correct nor do the views at the external cites necessarily reflect the views of LSSU. If you notice any errors while browsing, please let me know!

General Energy Information

  • Energy Flows: A fun (and very basic) energy game about the conversion process.

Solar PhotoVoltaics (PV)

  • PV Education: A great site that covers the properties of sunlight, solar cell operation, and much more!

Other Areas

    None Yet

Sustainability Links

Other Learning Resources