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I received a B.S. degree in the field of Computer Engineering and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the field of Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University (Houghton, MI). Prior to starting at LSSU in the fall of 2009, I spent three academic years teaching at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

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           Rooftop Solar Stood Up to Sandy            

            Solar Sandy Project Brings Panels to the People

        P.S. For the latter, I would doubt the price of the generator that was mentioned is for the generator that is shown. Something similar is manufactured here in the UP and generally those scale generators are more on the order of $1,000 - $4,000.

and an interesting related story.



  • 11/22/10:
    Soo earns silver level award from Promoting Active Communities (PAC)
  • 11/9/10:
    St. Marys Paper (Soo, ON) Biomass Co-gen Plant announced (6 photos)
  • 11/5/10:
    Upper Peninsula's Pictured Rocks National Park (definitely should go there while you're at LSSU IMHO!) featured in Kid Rock video
  • 11/4/10:
    Improvements planned for Soo Locks Park
  • 10/11/10:
    $1.325M granted in financial assistance to the SmartZone
  • 9/28/10:
    30 MW more solar coming to sister Soo(, ON)
  • 9/15/10:
    External news blurb from on the Product Development Center (PDC) at LSSU
  • 8/30/10:
    This upcoming fall (2010), I will be teaching a course on Humans & Energy (HONR101). The course will focus on understanding resources and conversions of energy, exploring the impact on human life and vice versa via selected readings, discussion, and group projects. Topics will include:

    -Energy Resources
    -Energy Consumption & Conservation
    -Social, Political, Financial, & Technical Aspects of Energy Systems

    The course will include hands-on energy audits and hopefully at least one tour of a local renewable energy site (e.g. one of the hydro facilities, the wind farm, etc.).

    It is an Honors class, but it is open to non Honors students with permission from the Honors Director (Dr. Jason Swedene).
  • 8/23/10:
    An LSSU alum was recently named the general manager of Applied Manufacturing Technologies.
  • 6/22/10:
    There are some great opportunities to see engineering in the Soo this weekend, including Engineer's Day at the locks, the bridge walk, and tours of the hydro-electric facility (and the Aquatic Research Laboratory)!
  • 5/31/10:
    The solar panels and wind turbine have now been installed on the CAS building.
  • 4/4/10:
    Construction has begun for 20 MW of solar in Sault, On.
  • 3/31/10:
    LSSU now has a disc golf course (at least through the end of April).
  • 3/24/10:
    There will be an EUP Farm Tour on April 24th as part of the Earth Day celebrations. The tour will leave by bus from LSSU's campus.
  • 3/14/10:
    Happy Pi Day!
  • 3/16/10:
    The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) mentored about 100 girl scouts as part of a science merit badge this past weekend.
  • 3/11/10:
    The Sault High FIRST Robotics team competed last weekend in Traverse City and will again compete in Ann Arbor this upcoming weekend. SET students Jacob McClure, Dereck Wonnacott, and Zach Spurr are serving as mentors to the team. Dr. Andrew Jones also made the trip down to the event this past weekend.
  • 3/4/10:
    Precision Edge has given LSSU engineering an endowed scholarship, out of which the first scholarships should be available this fall! Keep an eye on e-mails and the SET scholarship page for more details.
  • 3/1/10:
    I would highly recommend checking out the Ashmun Creek Natural Area [Trail]. The signs are from the LSSU Biology Department via a grant from the Michigan Community Forestry Program.
  • 3/1/10:

    The Norris Center will be undergoing an expansion and remodeling thanks to a $5 million donation. Full story and Project Website
  • 2/22/10:
    Dr. Ron DeLap has been awarded a grant for the installation of a small solar system and wind turbine to be located on the CAS buildings. The two systems will be highly visible to the students and community and will serve as educational instruments in the School's Electrical and Computer Engineering degree programs. This is one of several steps the School is taking to become more involved in renewable energy education.
  • 2/22/10:
    Eric Becks was named president and CEO of the (Sault Ste. Marie SmartZone).
  • 2/21/10:
    Apparently there will be a marathon (The Chase) in the fall in the Soo starting at LSSU.
  • SIFE Entrepreneurial Lecture 2/16 7pm Crow's Nest:
    VIO Founder (See E&T "Events")

Primary Research Interests

I am currently pursuing several projects using 3M mirror films (e.g. 3M Brand Cool Mirror Film and 3M Brand Prestige Window Film) via a Technical Non-Tenured Faculty Grant sponsored by 3M. More information can be found in the following Poster (PDF).

In addition, an idea that was discussed as part of the grant--the construction of a residential Photovoltaic (PV) system using the Cool Mirror film--became a Senior Project that was pursued in 2010-2011 (scroll down to Team ISS) and then continued in 2011-2012 by Team International Solar Innovations (ISI). The current group of students, Team Helio-Tech, is pursuing a Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) vertical window module. All three groups have been senior students from the areas of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. The grant money, meanwhile, is being used to investigate smaller-scale mobile and low-cost applications.

My general areas of interest are:


This fall I am teaching EGNR 140 (Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods for Engineers) and EGRS 430 (Systems Integration & Machine Vision) here at LSSU. I am also an advisor for one of the senior projects teams.

Other Interests and Prior Research

For all the details of my background and work, please view my curriculum vitae (PDF).