INTB 375 International Business Law


Prerequisites: None


Instructor: Ralf Wilhelms, DBA                                     Class Schedule:

Office: 317 Library Building                                              Class Location:

Office Hours:                                                                         Time:

Email:                                                Phone: 906-635-2108


Required Text

TBA – The textbook is designed specifically to cover the content of the course.

Course Description

The Course provides an introduction to the environment of International Business and Law. It will focus on the foundations and principles of the international Legal environment and international legal systems. The course covers the Law on International trade. It allows the student to understand government foreign trade policies, the law concerning international business transactions, importing, exporting, transportation and Logistics. This course covers a range of legal issues involved in conducting international business, surveying some of the many issues encountered in intellectual property and licensing, and the taxation of International business transactions.


Course Goal

The student will gain awareness of international business law and promote critical thinking of divergent value systems. Student will gain a working understanding of laws governing international trade.


Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able:



Instructional Strategy

In order to accommodate a diverse range of student learning styles, the course format includes:


Grading Scale and Policies:


              Point Values                                                                                         Points

              Attendance and Participation                                                                  100

              3 case studies    each 100 pts                                                                 300

              Mid Term Exam                                                                                     300

              Final Exam                                                                                             300

                                                                      Total                                            1000


              Grading Scale and Policies:


100- 98% = A+                     

97 – 92% = A                        81 – 80% = B-                               67 – 66% = D+             

91 – 90% = A–                      79 – 78% = C+                              65 – 62% = D

89 – 88% = B+                      77 – 70% = C                                61 – 60% = D-

87 – 82% = B                        69 – 68% = C-                                59 – 0 % = F


Behavioral Expectations/Attendance

Ground Rules:



University Policies and Statements

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Students who desire such services should meet with instructors in a timely manner, preferable during the first week of class, to discuss individual disability related needs. Any students who feel that an accommodation is needed – based on the impact of a disability – should meet with instructors privately to discuss specific needs.


IPASS (Individual Plan for Academic Student Success)

If at the time of your mid-term your grades reflect that you are at risk for failing some or all of your classes, you will be contacted by a representative of IPASS. The IPASS program is designed to help you gain control over your learning through pro-active communication and goal setting the development of intentional learning skills and study habits, and personal accountability. You may contact (906) 635-2887 or email if you would like to sign up early in the semester or if you have any questions or concerns.



As a student of lake Superior State University, you have pledged to support the Student Honor Code of the Department of Business, Entrepreneurship and Legal Studies. You will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception such as cheating, stealing, plagiarism or lying on take-home assignments, homework, computer programs, lab reports, quizzes, tests or exams, which are Honor Code violations. Furthermore, you understand and accept the potential consequences of punishable behavior.




Course Content


              I. The Environment of International Business and Law                       



                 1. The Foundations of the International Legal Environment (33)

                 2. Principles of International Law (49)

                 3. Public Organizations and International Agreements (45)

                 4. Regional Integration (49)


              II. International Business Law Transactions                     



                 5. Importing      (30)

                 6. Direct Sale of Goods Exports    (94)

                 7. Transportation and Logistics (43)


              III. Altius and Fortius      


                 8. Intellectual Property and Licensing     (42)

                 9. Taxation of International Business Transactions (35)