My Teaching Philosophy:


           I am most interested in working in a university environment that has the desire to establish a link between academia and the enterprising international business community, as well as cross campus initiatives with other university departments.


           My teaching philosophy reflects my interests of collaboration. I prefer student-centered teaching, which encourages learning by both the students and teachers. I favor classroom dynamics that permit dialogue and foster a degree of student input providing the students a sense of community.


My interaction with students during class sessions provides a dynamic collaborate class environment that is well received by the students. This is supported by the high evaluation marks that I receive from student course evaluations for undergraduate and graduate courses.

           I especially enjoy teaching the capstone courses for graduating students by providing guidance and mentorship in their quest to complete their business plans, marketing plans, business research, or thesis.

Delivery Format:        

Academic Experience – Course List

Undergraduate Courses:

Graduate Courses (MBA Program):

Curriculum Development MBA courses in Management and International Business

Graduate Courses (DBA Program):