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Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT)


FEBRUARY 2016: Mark Terwilliger presented an update from the Momentum Points freshmen survey..

2015-2016: Learning communities began meeting to share teaching practices.

AUGUST 2015: The FCT hosts the University's annual Professional Development Day..

JULY 2015: The FCT finds a new and improved home in the Shouldice Library, Room 245.

MAY 2015: LSSU faculty and staff attended the MIACADA '15 conference at Oakland University.

MAY 2015: Solicitations are being accepted by the FCT for any faculty that are interested in attending the October '15 Lilly Conference in Traverse City.

APRIL 2015: Julian Hermida from Algoma University gave a talk on Deep Learning.

2014-2015: Twenty faculty give brown bag talks on results from mini-grants and conferences. The FCT awarded approximately $18,000 in FIT mini-grants over the school year.

2014-2015: Four faculty learning communities began meeting to share teaching practices.

OCT 2014: Barb Light led a brown bag seminar on best practices for peer classroom visits.

SEPT 2014: Andrew Vanden Heuval, a Google Glass Explorer and online instructor in higher education, presented a talk on using technology in the classroom.

SEPT 2014: Roberta Rea, an Advising Specialist from Oakland University, presented a talk to faculty and staff on Appreciative Advising.

APRIL 2014: The FCT awarded eleven faculty nearly $20,000 for projects to improve teaching as part of the FIT mini-grant program.

APRIL 2014: FCT hosted a lunchtime discussion on using document cameras to enhance learning.

MARCH 2014: The FCT hosted two brown-bag sessions on academic advising. A learning community has been created for interested faculty to discuss successful advising strategies.

FEBRUARY 2014: FCT found a new home in the Library, Room 267.

FEBRUARY 2014: A mission statement was established to guide the FCT.

FIT mini-grants will be available again for Fall 2017: apply in the Spring semester! More information coming soon . . .

Visit the FIT web page for more information today. Three awards were distributed for the Spring 2017 semester:

  • Ali Van Doren was awarded funds to purchase recording equipment for podcasting. This equipment and assistive services will be available to all campus staff and faculty to create podcasts.
  • Zak Mahmud, Joe Moening and Paul Weber were awarded funds to create gamification elements for engineering courses. The gamification template they create will be available in Moodle for all campus staff and faculty to use. Funds were also awarded to attend a conference where they will present their findings on this innovative teaching model.
  • Sarah Ouimette and Joe Susi were awarded funds to attend the Athletic Training Educators’ Conference (ATEC) in February, 2017. Following the conference, they will share information with the rest of the campus about a cross disciplinary approach to some new and innovative experiential learning strategies.

Watch for email announcements about "Brown Bag" sessions in the FCT where these awardees will share findings and demonstrate ways you can adopt these innovative teaching strategies for your classes or your department!

Momentum Points

Momentum points are steps / milestones (choosing a major, purchasing textbooks, completing math requirement, meeting with advisor, etc.) in a student’s academic career. Last February, the Title III Momentum Points Committee provided data on the specific momentum points identified by our own LSSU students as barriers they encountered during their first semester at LSSU. The goal is to eliminate unnecessary obstacles as students proceed towards degree completion. Results were presented from a recent survey asking 240 students about milestones reached during this first LSSU semester, which are available for download here:

Slides from presentation Freshmen survey results

Brown Bag Seminars

A schedule for the 2016-17 brown bags is being developed, so please let Cathy, Joe, Bobbie or Gail know if you would like to make a presentation. In our Brown Bag sessions, faculty share innovative teaching and learning approaches with one another. Any faculty or staff member is welcome to present or to attend. These sessions usually occur during lunch time and attendees are welcome to bring their own lunch. Sometimes we will have some pizza on hand so watch for announcements. We also make previous topics and slides available here on our webpage, so take a look at some of the great ideas your peers have shared!

Learning Communities are Meeting

Four learning communities meet regularly in the FCT. Visit the Learning Community web page to find out what's happening and how you can get involved.

The 2015-2016 Professional Development Day Schedule from Thursday, August 5th!

Download the schedule and a full description of each session here: 2016_Professional Development Day Schedule- Faculty and Staff


The LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT) is designed to facilitate the development of professional learning communities; discussions; seminars and workshops; print and electronic resources for teaching enhanced use of classroom technology; conference participation; and funding for innovative practices through a mini-grant program.

At the FCT, faculty are able to share experiences and knowledge with colleagues with the purpose of improving instruction and advising. Learning communities around topics such as Teaching First Year Students and Advising help facilitate this communication. Faculty members have the opportunity to gain internal certification in areas such as Advising and in Enhancing Student Learning.

The Faculty Center for Teaching is directed by two faculty coordinators with input provided by a work group of faculty from across campus as well as key academic support and advising staff members.

Resources and training materials, such as books, journals, and videos, are housed within the FCT. This enables LSSU to maximize space, centralize resources to support faculty development in teaching and advising, and utilize enhanced technology programs to deliver content for advisor development and training.


As stated in LSSU’s core values, teaching is our first priority and focuses on providing student/faculty interaction, learning, and research in current, relevant programs. The LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT) strives for excellence in teaching and learning by:

  • Recognizing faculty for making improvements in teaching.
  • Facilitating and encouraging learning communities centered around improved instruction and advising.
  • Providing resources and training materials related to improved instruction.
  • Supporting innovative teaching practices and disseminating results of teaching and learning projects.
  • Offering and promoting opportunities for instructional dialogue through seminars, workshops, and conference participation.


In 2013, as part of a Title III proposal, the LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching was established with the goal of providing resources for faculty to improve teaching.

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