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Faculty Center for Teaching (FCT)


The Faculty Center for Teaching is directed by two faculty coordinators with input provided by the FCT work group. The work group consists of faculty from across campus as well as key academic support and advising staff members.

Julie Barbour, English

Cathy Chaput, Education, FCT Co-Coordinator

Herbert Henderson, Criminal Justice

Jodi Hunter, Business

Megan Kelly, Chemistry & Environmental Science

Barbara Light, Education

Joseph Moening, Engineering

Kimberly Muller, Mathematics

Kristina Olson-Pupek, Psychology

Sarah Ouimette, Exercise Science


Mary Reynolds-Keegan, Nursing

Joseph Susi, Recreation Studies / Exercise Science, FCT Co-Coordinator Gregory Zimmerman, Biology

Karen Johnston, the Director of Advising, Retention, and Orientation, also serves on the FCT Work Group. Shelley Wooley is the Project Director for the Title III grant.


In 2013, as part of a Title III proposal, the LSSU Faculty Center for Teaching was established with the goal of providing resources for faculty to improve teaching.


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