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Satisfactory Academic Progress 150% Completion Rule

A student must complete the highest degree being sought within 150% of the published length of his/her program. For example, students working on a baccalaureate program of 124 credits may receive aid for 186 attempted credits, including transfer attempted credits:

Average Credits
Maximum Time Frame
Paramedic Certificate 40 Within 60 attempted credits
LPN Certificate 47 Within 71 attempted credits
Pre-Nursing BSN 56 Within 84 attempted credits
Associate 62 Within 93 attempted credits
Associate Health Care Provider 75 Within 113 attempted credits
Bachelor 124 Within 186 attempted credits
Teaching Certificate 136 Within 204 attempted credits
Master’s 32 Within 48 attempted credits

NOTE: Semester hours include transfer credit hours.

Students who will not graduate within the attempted hour limitation can appeal for an extension based on special circumstances that explain why they have not completed their degree within 150% of the credits required.  A history of major changes and/or failed or incomplete classes will reduce the likelihood of an extension under this rule.

Students working on a BSN degree who are not yet formally admitted into the BSN program, may attempt up to 84 credits.  Students in this designation can not exceed sophomore federal student loan levels.

If you have graduated and are working on a second BS/BA degree, you can appeal this limitation to qualify for Federal Student and/or Parent Loans only. 

To appeal the Federal 150% Completion requirement, follow the steps at: Financial Aid Appeal Process