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Satisfactory Academic Progress Questions

Q. What is my Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status?

A. Check your status on your My.LSSU Anchor Access for your next semester by going to the Financial Aid tab, then Satisfactory Academic Progress Status.

Q. How do I appeal?

A. The appeal process is outlined at

Q. When does the Financial Aid Appeals Committee meet to review appeals?

A. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee meets monthly to review appeals. Reminder - Students who wish to appeal should have the appeal documentation submitted twenty-four hours prior to appeal meeting. 

Q. What happens to my financial aid when I am placed on Warning?

A. You are eligible to keep your aid while on a Warning Semester.  Your status will be updated at the end of the semester to determine if you regained good standing or if your aid must be suspended. 

Q. What happens to my financial aid when I am placed on Suspension status?

A. If your aid is suspended at the end of the semester, a hold is placed on your aid to give you the opportunity to appeal your status.  Your financial aid will not disburse into your account unless an appeal is granted by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee, or you reinstate yourself and notify the Financial Aid Office to be re-evaluated.  Once the appeal period has passed, if you do not appeal or your appeal is not approved, your aid will be canceled for the semester.  If you are still enrolled in your classes, you will be responsible for the charges you incur for the semester without using financial aid.

Q. How can I be allowed to attend LSSU but still have my financial aid suspended?

A. Academic Scholastic Standards and Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for financial aid are two different things.  Students can be allowed to attend LSSU but still be ineligible for financial aid.  The SAP standard is higher than the Academic Scholastic Standard.  If you are able to pay your costs on your own (out of pocket), you may attend courses and live on campus as a regular student.

Q. How can I pay for courses while my financial aid is suspended?

A. Your options include cash payments, the University Payment Plan, private funds, the Michigan Indian Waiver (if eligible), and some private educational loans. If you have been denied an appeal by the Financial Aid Committee, you can request up to the cost of one semester’s tuition, fees & books from an alternative loan lender.  See the Alternative Loans webpage for a list of lenders that LSSU students have used.  The total amount of the loan MUST be approved by the Financial Aid Office and may not exceed the direct LSSU costs plus books for the semester.

Q. How can I reinstate myself if I don’t appeal or if the committee denies my appeal?

A. Once financial aid is suspended, both the cumulative GPA and credit hour completion standards must be met in subsequent semesters of at least six credits before reinstatement of aid is possible.  Students who successfully complete a minimum of six credits at LSSU while not receiving financial aid, must contact the Financial Aid Office to request a review for reinstatement.

If completion of “I” grades or other record changes warrant a reinstatement, a copy of the transcript must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office with a written request for a review.

Q. What programs are affected if I am denied aid?

A. Financial aid programs affected by this policy include the Federal Pell Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Work-Study, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal Direct Loans, Federal PLUS Loans, State of Michigan and Institutional Scholarships, Grants, Loan and Work Programs, and some Rebates and Tuition Waivers.  Students who do not meet SAP will not be permitted to have alternative loans beyond their direct LSSU costs plus an allowance for books.

Q. What should I do if my appeal is not approved?

A. Students who are denied financial aid but who have not been dismissed may continue to take classes at LSSU.  If you have signed up for classes, you must pay your outstanding charges immediately to avoid late fees when your financial aid is canceled.  If you do not have the means to pay for your classes, you must either drop your classes to avoid charges or make payment arrangements. Payment options include the University Payment Plan, credit card or cash, or an alternative one semester loan for direct costs plus books.  The Alternative Loans webpage lists alternative loan lenders used by LSSU students in prior years.

Q. Who can appeal for financial aid reinstatement?

A. Any student who has not been dismissed by the university may appeal for the reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility.  Students who have faced extraordinary circumstances may appeal their suspension by documenting the reason for the failure and explaining what has changed to improve their circumstances to be successful in the future. Students must meet with an academic advisor to complete their appeal and submit the required forms prior to the start of the semester.  See for details.

Q. What are the dates for Financial Aid Committee meetings to review appeals?


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