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Spring 2015 Current Student Scholarship Sign-up Winners

Dr. Robert D. Arbuckle Scholarship

  • Taylor Meredith

Mary Lubs and Viggo Thomsen Endowed Scholarship

  • Amie Baragwanath
  • Ben Deuling

William R. Gregory Trust Fund

  • Christina Boyce
  • Sam Day
  • Alaina Grenier
  • Marisa Hirschfelt
  • Isaiah Murray

Dr. Kenneth J. Shouldice Memorial Scholarship

  • Naomi Crull
  • Emily Graves
  • Hayley Murphy

Sault Ste. Marie Business and Professional Scholarship

  • Cindy Green

Warren Parker Family Scholarship

  • Cindy Green

Ross N. Roe I-500 Scholarship

  • Michael Twietmeyer
  • Jacob Northuis

Tendercare Endowed Scholarship

  • Anna Lehman
  • Stephanie Lobos

Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship

  • Benjamin Bryer

SMO Foundation Endowed Scholarship

  • Tyler Wall

Dr. Louis and Mae Lukenda Scholarship

  • Chelsea Boychuk
  • Anna Canduro
  • August Klotz
  • Miranda Maitland
  • Rachel Rowswell
  • Tyler Winchester

Edward C. and Hazel L. Stephenson Foundation Scholarship

  • Linda Birkenhauer
  • Katherine DelRose
  • Susan Drockton
  • John Westenbarger

David R. and Patricia L. Hubbard Award

  • Jessica Barras
  • Joseph Dutcher

Robert J. McEnroe Science Award

  • Genevieve Chevalier
  • Jaclyn Schierbeek

Dr. Kenneth F. Light Memorial Award

  • Maura MacDonald

Thomas J. O’Neil Memorial Scholarship

  • Kaitlyn Jedrzejczyk

Larry R. Smart Scholarship

  • Christopher Bonczyk
  • Ryan Brown
  • Benjamin Bryer
  • Emma Burke
  • Kristen Filkins
  • Derrick Goodrich
  • James Haske
  • Jordan Huff
  • Blake Kauffman
  • Jenna Kilmer
  • Steven Kirkman
  • Heather Kwak
  • Isaac Leach
  • Amanda Peck
  • Jenna Perry
  • Nathan Rapp
  • Alexander Robinson
  • Erica Smith
  • Jana Tahtinen
  • Michael Twietmeyer
  • Meghan Wood
  • Maxwell Knight

Lisa Tetzlaff and Sherry Brooks Nursing & Accounting Scholarship

  • Gabraielle Peters

Daune Weiss Memorial Scholarship

  • Christopher Bonczyk

William and Hazel Mulligan Nursing Scholarship

  • Mckayla Worsham

Mary R. Gray Memorial Scholarship

  • Daniel Vernace

Crystal L. Housding Memorial Scholarship

  • Graham Peters

Rebecca Arms Scholarship

  • Lisa Casselman

Georgia Gianakura Scholarship

  • Hayley Murphy

Peter Gianakura Scholarship

  • Rachel Rowswell

Donald A. Sedestrom Memorial Scholarship

  • Lisa Casselman
  • Hayley Murphy

Escanaba Regional Center Award

  • Tracy Whittkopf

Christopher Columbus Italian American Society

  • Matthew Randazzo


A written Thank You Letter to the donor is required for all recipients. 
Recipients may be invited to special donor “thank you” events or to participate in publicity for the scholarship or award received.   Your cooperation is appreciated.  



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