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If you decide to drop all of your classes, you must complete each step to officially withdraw from the University.

  1. Pick up a Withdrawal Form at the Registrar’s Office located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services.
  2. Gather the required signatures. Note: if you have received federal loans as financial aid, you will be required to complete an Exit Counseling at the Financial Aid Office. You may also be required to speak with a financial aid officer. You will need to provide the complete addresses and phone numbers of three people (living at different addresses), as references for the exit counseling process.
  3. Deliver the completed form to the Registrar's Office and clear any outstanding charges or holds that may prevent your return at a later date or prevent the release of your academic records. Your withdrawal date will be determined by the date the completed form is submitted to the Registrar's Office. Any refunds will be calculated as of that date.

All withdrawals should be done in person. If you are unable to complete the process in person, the Registrar is the only University authority that can authorize the process of your withdrawal over the phone. Please contact the Registrar at 906-635-2682.

After your completed Withdrawal Form is accepted, your University charges will be reduced according to the withdrawal and refund policy. If you have not received any form of financial aid and there is a credit balance on your account, you will be sent a refund check. If you have received aid, your aid may have to be returned to the appropriate source. You may owe money!

There are NO refunds for partial drops after the 6th school day of the fall or spring semester or the 4th school day of summer semester.

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Financial Aid Return Policy: Applies to students receiving federal and state financial aid including loans and scholarships, and institutional and private aid.

  • First, your account will be credited according to Lake Superior State University’s Refund Policy (on or prior to the 38-day withdrawal period). The summer semester refund policy is shortened.
  • Then, your financial aid will be reduced in direct proportion to the length of time you remained enrolled, up to 60 percent of the semester.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you have received a payment for excess financial aid and you with-draw, you could owe the University and/or the federal government money.
  • If there is still a credit on your account, the amount of the credit will then be applied to the remaining financial aid funds until the credit has been reduced to zero.
  • Any remaining refund due you, after all funding sources have received the appropriate credit, will be refunded directly to you.

For example: If there are 101 days in the semester and you withdraw on the 45th day, your federal aid would be reduced to 45% (45/101). If your total cost to attend was $4,000 and it was paid with federal aid of $2,400 and a personal payment of $1,600, your federal aid would be reduced to $1,080. You could owe the University $1,320.

Your withdrawal from Lake Superior State University may cause the following changes affecting your student aid:

  1. Your institutional aid will be reduced in proportion to your refund of tuition.
    For example, if you received an LSSU award of $1,000 for a semester and withdrew at the 50% refund point, your LSSU award would be reduced to $500 proportionately.
  2. Your federal aid will be reduced according to federal refund policy. Aid will be returned to the federal government on your behalf for the portion of time you are not attending classes in the semester.
    For example, if you took out a student loan for $5000 and attended 30% of the semester, 70% of the loan will be returned against your student loan. You will owe LSSU directly for any balance due on your student account once the loan is returned.
  3. Your state or private aid will be returned to the source, based on the individual rules for each type of aid. If you have received an alternative loan, you are responsible for any amount that has already disbursed into your account. Further disbursements will be canceled when you withdraw.

Regional Center Students:

The above policy is also applicable to the regional center students.

If you are dually enrolled for financial aid purposes, you must drop all of your classes at both schools to qualify for a 100% withdrawal refund. You must also begin attendance in all of your classes at LSSU and at your regional community college to qualify for the aid.

Attendance Policy for Federal Financial Aid Recipients:

Regular class attendance is required for students receiving federal financial aid. If you are reported for non-attendance in any or all of your courses, your financial aid may be withdrawn.

If you fail to demonstrate attendance by earning credits for a semester while receiving federal aid, your aid may be returned and you may owe unearned funds back to the University.

If you receive all F grades for any semester, it may be assumed that you have attended only 50 percent of your classes and your federal financial aid will be reduced by 50 percent.* You will also need to demonstrate attendance in your classes before future aid can be released. To demonstrate your attendance for the next semester that you otherwise qualify for federal aid, each instructor will need to sign a statement verifying your attendance in each class and return the signed form to the Financial Aid Office.

Click here for Proof of Attendance Verification Form.

Leaving school: For information about leaving the University see Withdrawal. Non-attendance of classes or checking out of campus housing does not constitute withdrawal, nor does academic dismissal. Students who leave but do not withdraw are responsible for full tuition and fees and will receive failing grades on their transcript unless an official Withdrawal Request Form is filed with the Registrar's Office.

Transcript fee: One official transcript is provided to all students, either before or after graduation. There is a $5 fee for each additional transcript.

Delinquent account: Students with delinquent accounts may be removed from class, have their diploma withheld, and/or have transcript requests denied.

Click here for more information on LSSU Withdrawal Policy.