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Fund for LSSU Grants (Pilot Program)

The Fund for LSSU was developed to disburse funds on a strategic basis to projects that support the University’s areas of greatest need based on the Fund’s criteria. Funds from the Fund for LSSU can be used for student-focused activities and projects that improve the students’ educational experience. Full-time department faculty, staff, and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Funds will be made available for disbursement through a grant application process that supports the following "pillars" of institutional need.

  • Philanthropy

    Efforts to foster and grow giving from alumni, friends, employees and students will be considered under this category. Included will be projects that help develop a culture of student philanthropy.

  • Infrastructure

    Campus infrastructure projects of smaller scope will be supported under this pillar. Lower cost projects that will solve an immediate issue related to improving students’ experience, and that donors can be proud to support, will be considered.

  • Enrollment

    Lower cost initiatives that help meet a short-term need in attracting or retaining students to LSSU will be considered for funding through this pillar.

  • Student Professional Development

    On occasion, LSSU students earn special honors or invitations to attend national conferences or competitions but do not have the funding to participate. This fund will help supplement other sources of funding for student professional development opportunities.

Guidelines for Proposals


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The purpose of the granting program is to disburse funds on a strategic basis to projects that support areas of greatest need based on the Fund’s criteria. Gifts to the Fund for LSSU may be used for student-focused activities and projects that improve the students’ educational experience at Lake Superior State University. Such uses include, but are not limited to: support for faculty-supervised undergraduate student research; professionally related student travel; bringing seminar speakers and guest lecturers to campus for the express purpose of enhancing student education. Faculty and students are encouraged to use the funds as seed money with which they can approach other sources of funding on or off campus for matching.


Full-time undergraduate student and department faculty/staff members eligible to apply for available Fund for LSSU Grants. All student proposals must be approved by a supervising faculty or staff member, and any joint proposal must identify the principal applicant and all co-applicants. It is anticipated that the individual (faculty or student) who will coordinate and manage the project will be the principal applicant.


The proposal application deadline is March 15. An additional application period for fall semester disbursement may be implemented if sufficient funds are available. The reviewing committee will attempt to respond to emergency needs as they arise, but it is anticipated that proposals will typically be submitted on the schedule described.

Application Procedures

Proposals should be submitted in a format, which includes a statement of intent and the objectives, the plan and timetable, and a budget with justification. This narrative portion should not exceed two (2) pages. If the proposal is to support research in progress which has previously received department or University support, the applicant(s) should describe the accomplishments to date and explain the need for additional support.

Fund proposals will be evaluated by the Annual Giving Committee of the LSSU Foundation Board of Directors. The reviewing committee will judge each proposal on its significance, clarity of presentation, methodology and planning, and budget justification. Money will not be distributed from the Fund for LSSU unless a written proposal has been submitted and the Committee has made a positive recommendation for funding.

Other Procedures

  • The Committee will decide on the acceptability of all applications within 30 calendar days after the application deadline and will recommend the funding level for each proposal. The Committee will provide written notification to the applicant of its decisions in a timely manner.
  • No more than 50% of the available balance in the Fund for LSSU will be distributed during (each of) the funding cycles.
  • For undergraduate research grant applications, the student researchers will meet with their faculty mentors and submit a proposal to the school chairs. In some cases, the following will be requested:
    • Statement of support from a sponsoring faculty member or advisor
    • Notification as to other sources of funding for which the student has applied for the same project/item

Stewardship and Publicity

The LSSU Foundation will occasionally publicize grants from the Fund for LSSU. By acceptance of funding, students agree to cooperate with requests for photos, interviews, etc. Recipients of grant awards may be asked to provide a review of the project or a copy of a presentation to the LSSU Foundation. Student recipients may also be asked to write an acknowledgement letter and/or to meet with the LSSU Foundation Board of Directors or donors who supported their funding, if applicable.

The LSSU Foundation will post grant recipients on the Foundation’s website.

Processing Awards

The Fund for LSSU Grants will typically be disbursed via reimbursement of those expenses proposed in the budget and authorized as part of the award. In order to receive a reimbursement, successful applicants must comply with University policies concerning travel, allowable/unallowable expenses, proper documentation (including provision of acceptable receipts) and timeliness.