Redefining the Classroom

Giving Real Estate

Whether it be income from a rental property out-of-state, …

    … or a company that has "out grown" its factory space,

    … or lake shore property which provides a natural ecosystem for students to study,

    … or a property which provides a "stumpage fee" as a gift to support a research program,

    …or property which provides students housing,

    …or retail space that is donated and sold,

    People with real estate have provided the University with some unique gifts.

Real Estate in whatever form is a welcomed gift. Gifts of real estate do take some time and thoughtful negotiation to see if they are an appropriate gift to the University for its educational and charitable mission.

Because of the nature of the real estate gift, patience is needed to insure that the gift is the right decision for both for the donor and the University.

The first step in the process of giving a gift of real estate is to fill out the Trade Property Inquiry Form and return it to the Foundation.

Partial interests in real estate are also welcomed.

Contact the Foundation at 906-635-2665 for more information.