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Future Norris Center Plaza
Future Norris Center Plaza

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"For more than 30 years, the Norris Center has been home to great coaches, athletes, legends and teams. They all left their mark on Lake Superior State University," added LSSU Foundation Executive Director Tom Coates. "The new Norris Plaza will be a gateway to the next generation of traditions and legends and it is fitting that this area will also allow our fans to show their pride and leave their own lasting tribute."

Future Norris Center Atrium
Future Norris Center Atrium

Norris Center Plaza Brick Campaign

The plaza approach to the new Atrium of the James Norris Physical Education Center will feature an opportunity for LSSU fans to become a permanent part of Laker Athletics. Now you can leave your legacy with a personalized Plaza Brick. Etch your name into the history of Laker Athletics while also supporting its future.

The Norris Plaza will soon feature brick pavers that can be personalized with individual and company names, dates and special messages. The 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" engraved bricks are a way to recognize and honor families, alumni, and special LSSU memories. Each brick will be permanently displayed in the Plaza.

The new Norris Center Atrium is a 15,000-square-foot facility that is part of an overall project that will address several critical needs for Laker Athletics, including locker rooms for teams lacking these facilities, a Student Academic Achievement Center, an upgrade to the Laker Hockey Locker Room and main Athletic Offices and a lounge area for special events during and following Laker Athletic events.

Costs for Norris Plaza Bricks are:

  • Option 1: 4" x 8" with a 3-line message - $100
  • Option 2: 8" x 8" with a 4-line message - $300
  • Option 3: 8" x 8" w/ LSSU logo & 3-line message - $325

In addition to plaza bricks, LSSU alumni and fans can also order commemorative replicas of their brick to keep for themselves or to give as gifts. Replicas are available for:

  • 4" x 8" Replica Bricks (same inscription) - $50
  • 8" x 8" Replica Bricks - $65 ($75 with LSSU Logo)

Brick donations are tax deductible to full extent of tax laws with the funding earmarked for furniture and fixtures within the facility as well as a portion to the University’s annual fund.

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All brick orders during the construction phase will be installed prior to the dedication game for the new Norris Center Atrium and Plaza. Future brick installations will be ongoing.

Design and renderings by Timothy E. Fairbanks / Geometrik Studio.